Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fight Gone Bad 5! DO IT NOW!

Folks, I'm posting up again about FGB V in hopes of garnering a little support for these worthy causes.  Fight Gone Bad V will be supporting the Livestrong Foundation, Wounded Warrior Project, and the CrossFit Foundation.  If you are a reader and you are not participating through your affiliate, please consider donating to my page.  These organizations need our support and a $10 donation would be awesome! I'm hoping to raise $500 and am SOOOO close.  Please click the link to go to my page and donate.  I'm serious.  You don't have to pledge a million dollars, but if enough people give $10 donations, I will be able to hit my goal! Think about it.  It's giving up two Starbucks lattes this month.... trust me.  I know. 

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