Saturday, September 11, 2010

For the love of God, DO WORK!

This week.... yeah, this week sucked.  I'm just gonna throw that out there.  This week was all about work... and lots of it.  A little of the CF variety, a LOT of the employment variety.  After FF last week, I left and went into work.  Since it was a Friday before a holiday, we were pretty steady all day and I wound up not leaving until the switch over to night shift happened.  I came home and crashed for a bit before going to the FF party at night, but didn't stay out too late since I was a double Saturday.  I had the best intentions of hitting a Saturday wod to get in 5 wods last week, but it just didn't happen.  I went off to work on Saturday for my double, came home that night, went to bed, got up Sunday, did a double again, came home, went to bed, got up Monday, did a double again, went to bed, got up Tuesday and did it again before having off Wednesday.  Needless to say, I wasn't too thrilled at doing "Tabata This" on Wednesday. 

I'm not going to lie, it pretty much sucked.  The numbers weren't ATROCIOUS but they still could have been better.  I went in order, and wow, that made it worse.

Tabata This
:20 work :10 rest
8 intervals
Remain on an exercise for all 8 intervals before moving
1:00 rest in between exercises

Pull-ups- 7
Push-ups- 5
Sit-ups- 13
Row-2 (cals)

Ok, so two things... ok I lied.  3 things, no, wait, yes.  3.  A.) I was so close to having 8 pull-ups it's ridiculous.  I got 8 in all of the rounds, right up until the last one, and so of course, I had to record 7 since you only record the LOWEST number in Tabata.  F' you tabata! 3.) I suck at push-ups and they destroyed my arms.  I did not hit the hero wod today because my arms are still shot.  I apparently need to do something about my arms since they keep getting me into trouble... ie rhabdo at sectionals... and lastly F) My rowing sucked because for the first :20 of work, I was late strapping in and only got 2 cals by the time the machine kicked on.  I couldn't do any better than that no matter what, so that blew. 

PS- Do you love how none of my letter or numbers were actually ordered right?! ;) I did do that on purpose... just sayin'...

So after that, I wasn't feeling frisky Thursday, so I took a rest day.  I came back in on Friday just in time to do Filthy Fight Gone Bad.  BTW, have I ever mentioned that I don't like anything that involves metcon? Again, just sayin'.  If FGB wasn't for such a good cause, there is no way in HELL you could pay me to do it.  Well, maybe you could... are you paying in chocolate? If you're paying in chocolate maybe...

So Filthy Fight Gone Bad is what it sounds like... all the fight gone bad movements in increments of 50, except the rower.  So, it goes a little something like 'dis.

Cash in-500 M row
50 wall balls
50 high pulls
50 box jumps
50 push presses
Cash out-500 M row

Soooooo about that Tabata This I did Wednesday... yeah it made me sore.  So trying to row, do wall balls, push presses, or high pulls was really interesting.  I should have been at least a minute faster but damn it if I didn't just hurt.  I know my sporadic attendance at CF is part of the reason I keep getting so sore, but I can't really combat that too much with my work schedule.  I'm sort of all over the place.  Regardless, I got this in in 19:13 so it was ok.  Again, should have been at least a minute faster, but I did what I could, with what I had in the tank. 

Today was supposed to be a hero wod, but since I have yet to recover and I had to work, I settled for a 3ish mile run.  I usually run about a 10 min mile pace (slow I know) so I ran about 15 minutes out and 15 back.  So I'm not 100% sure of the distance, but it's right around there.  My knees were starting to ache again by the time I got back, so I ended at a good time.  I know I'm not speedy, but to get the lactic out, and still get some work in, it was a good choice.  I'm going to try to run again tomorrow or swim since I'm off all day, that way I at least still get 4 workouts in.  Regardless, this week was full of work!!!! :P

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c wiss said...

I think 7 is still badass for pullups, sorry you missed that last 8th rep! And your situps are badass too, best score I've ever achieved is an 11. Tabata pushups are F***ing death, hate hate hate.

I'm Type A and anal, so yes I totally noticed your numbers and letters were off. I actually scanned over the paragraph like 3 times trying to figure out if there was an actual pattern. LOL!

Filthy Fight Gone Bad -- might have to steal that one to do at our box! :)