Monday, June 25, 2012

I need 100 CC's of Mario Kart!!!

So, last week I was outside Philly visiting my friend.  He just had surgery to reattach his hamstring, which for him, has been nothing short of torture.  He's always been a very active soccer player and coach, even after college.  For him to now be forced to lay on the couch (he can't even sit) in an immobolizer is absolutely torturous for him.  I went to visit just so he could have some company and have someone to talk to and watch movies with.  As an added bonus, I found out that CrossFit KOP (King Of Prussia) was LITERALLY .8 miles from his house.  I was stoked! A wod in the process?!? Sweet. The drop-in was great and I hit the hero wod from the main site, which was pretty painful for all intensive purposes.  I had to modify the HSPU, but the time wasn't too bad for 12 rounds.  Although the drop-in was fun, and was a serious highlight, I have a confession that I have to make.  Until last week, I had never played a Wii.  So Kev and I decided that well, I needed to play.  We of course decided to play Mario Kart.  I am an absolutely HORRIBLE driver.  No really.  We were playing on a team and he kept telling me my only job was to make sure I didn't finish last.  That's NOT exactly a vote of confidence! LOL.  Anyway, playing Mario Kart with him made me think of the rap video Remy did.  If you don't know Remy, well.... then you just don't know.  He's INFAMOUS in the NOVA area for his spectacularly done "Arlington Rap".  (You Tube it.... IMHO, SPOT ON!) Well, he also made one called the Mario Kart rap.  I'm going to amuse you all with it now.  Because, well, I can!!! 

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