Thursday, June 14, 2012


So last week I mentioned about how my kids were working on filling out teacher report cards on me to grade me as a teacher as a fun end of the year thing. Well, I thought that the comment about the omelette maker was pretty good, but I had a student top that. So they question was, "What should I be if I was not a teacher?" I had a student who responded as follows: "Nothing. She probably doesn't know how to do anything else." Escuse me, WHAT? I'm capable of holding down PLENTY of other jobs if I wanted. HARUMPF! I think my indignation is showing! Truth be told, I don't think he meant it as an insult. He is a student who does have some needs in the area of social skills but it was just such an "OH BURN!" moment that I HAD to share. It was truly too priceless. PS- I have been going to the gym.... it's just that the end of the year stuff is so much more interesting to write about.... Wait til you hear about the advice that they have for next year's fourth graders! Oh and keep your eyes peeled... a blog called "How to Date a CrossFitter" is in the works!

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