Thursday, June 7, 2012

The omelette maker makes an impact....

So, as of Tuesday, it was official. My students took their last SOL, and I'm officially done with the "testing" season. So, now what? Well now we get to start doing some fun, end of the year activities, like the "Teacher Report Card". Every year I give my kids a report card that they get to fill out... ON ME! It's fun for them since I always grade them. It's their time to give me feedback. Now some kids just put that everything was great and wonderful and that everything was great, but others really take their time and give the best constructive criticism they can. Sometimes what they come up with is really, REALLY funny. Kind of like their advice letters to next year's fourth graders... but that is a WHOLE other post. Anyway, on the report card, there is a question that asks the students what they think I should do if I wasn't a teacher. I get some interesting stuff like day care worker, doctor... one of my students said I should be a therapist. But the funniest was one I got this year, because I am so used to being in that room with the kids and watching them, that I sometimes forget that they are also watching ME. So this year, one of my students said that I should be a chef. That wasn't so far out there, but her reasoning was what got me. She said I should be a chef because I "always have such yummy looking breakfasts" when I'm in the classroom. It sort of hit like a ton of bricks, but if you remember the omelette maker I was talking about in my post last week, you know what she's talking about. True story. Most days the omelette doesn't get made until right before the kids come. Having the class ready for the day takes priority over food so it's always the last thing to get done before the kids arrive. The coffee is brewed first thing, that's a MUST, but the breakfast can wait. So more often than not, as the kids are coming into the room from breakfast themselves, I am also eating mine. So, although I'm not meaning to, I'm clearly making an impact on my kids. They are observing my eating habits and noting what I'm eating. I guess it just made me ever more aware that they are little sponges that soak up EVERYTHING that we as adults do. So, while it made me laugh a little bit that my omelette maker made such an impact on her, it also made me realize that I really do need to be careful because I'm clearly setting an example for these kids. But at least in this case, I can be proud of the fact that the example I'm setting is a good one. Eat breakfast, and eat a HEALTHY one at that. Eggs, peppers, onions, avacado.... all good things for them to be eating! Thank goodness that they weren't observing my swearing habit! Perhaps I'll buy them all omelette makers as end of the year gifts to encourage their healthy eating habits.... ;) Ah, a chef... LOL. My kids crack me up!

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