Saturday, February 23, 2008

A workout I'll lovingly call pain...

So it was your atypical Thursday morning. I was awake, well, ha, I was vertical, and off to Crossfit early in the am. I have to hand it to Jerry though. He's certainly been handing out the doozies lately to me as I'm trying to recover my Crossfit shape.

I've discovered that anything that involves the rower gases me for the rest of the circuit. Doesn't matter what it is. I could be doing 15 pound push presses, and I'd be gassed after five and bent over, hands on my knees (randon dance break... hands on your knees, hands on your knees, everybody clap your hands! Elise, I know you're laughing right now... that was for you.) praying for some sort of higher power to take me towards the light. Ok, slightly dramatic? Yes, but I think you get the point, amidst the random dance break. Rowing + Katie= a whole lot of suck.

So today was no exception, especially since Jerry put in a set of ring dips between the rower and the chins. Good lord man! Two of my worst things back to back. I'm working seriously on my push up form and trying to get my tris in shape so dips are actually possible for me, but it's going to take some time. It's already getting stronger after just two weeks, but that is one of those things I'm going to have to keep working. So after the 500 meter row to start, I had to try to eek out a set of ring dips with a band, and then pull myself over the bar. Now, I don't know if anyone else ever feels this way, but I swear, I gained 30 pounds that day. It hurt to pull myself up over that bar. Eesh. Needless to say, my efforts in the blue room didn't really look or feel good this day, but hey, at least I was there. I only managed to get through two of the prescribed three rounds, but I'm glad I got them done. I'm going to have to keep kicking my own ass, but I will soon be back in the shape I was before this stupid freakin' plague!
Warm Up- Med Ball Clean
3 rounds (15, 12, 9)
500 Meter Row
Ring Dips
We are made to persist. That's how we find out who we are. - Tobias Wolff

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