Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hero WOD: DT

On the day after Memorial Day, this seems a fitting song for our WOD today. God Bless all of our servicemen and servicewomen in uniform.

Today's WOD was one of those wod's that really, doesn't look too bad on paper, but once you begin, you learn very quickly that looks are extremely deceiving. DT is a hero workout and looks a little something like this.

12 deadlifts
9 hang power cleans
6 jerks

I'll be the first to admit, after Murph Friday, I was still pretty sore, and after 3 days off, I was feeling sluggish and not really wanting to get back into the work week. So, me feeling very lazy, I decided not to actually count out all the weights to equal 100lbs, so I just threw 105 on the bar. This was a BAD idea. It's a hero workout, there's a GOOD reason the weights are where they are. Anyway, I smoked through the deadlifts which felt really good, and then on the hang power cleans, realized just how heavy 105lbs was. They smoked my forearms. I also cracked myself in the clavicle a few times too before I even got to put the bar over my head.

It sucks if you can't get all 6 jerks in a row too, because then, you have to clean the bar AGAIN and throw it up over your head. So in all you wind up doing like 12 cleans and 6 jerks. This WOD quickly turned into a BEAST of a workout, but again, I reiterate, it IS hero WOD and I should have known a whole lot better! By round 3 I was sucking wind big time. Ok fine, we'll call a spade a spade, by round 2 I was sucking wind big time, but I was too stubborn to drop the weight, and too stubborn to quit, so I kept going. The more tired I got, the better my jerks got, and the worse my cleans got. It doesn't really make much sense, but I guess I used more effort on the jerks, but screwed up my clean form. Weird. Anyhoo, total time on this was 19:53. Just shy of 20:00. I felt like I had gotten hit by a truck at the end. As RX'd this thing is a beast, as uber RX'd, well, that was just flat out retarded on my part. I should have counted the weights. Note to self.

But since this was the day after Memorial Day, I think this was a very fitting WOD. Two heroes back to back. Since joining CF I have made a lot of friends in all branches of the military. They are tough SOB's and I'm proud to have them as a part of my extended CF family, and I'm glad that they are the people protecting our country and myself. They are strong and I'm proud to honor their service to our country. Hoorah!


Justa said...

I worry when the workouts look okay on paper. They are the ones that get you!

Good work, Katie.

Katie said...

They are Justa! And I should have known better!

Thanks for the kudos! :)