Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome BACK!

Ok, so it's not quite what I was looking for, but would you believe that YouTube doesn't have a good cut of the ACTUAL Welcome Back Kotter theme song? The one they had was CRAP! Don't they know that I need to have these random tidbits available at a moment's notice? *sigh* Oh YouTube... you've let me down...

But it was a really super fun day. I'm still not up to 100% but I'm feeling better, and the move is sort of behind me. We're cleaning and finishing up moving the small odds and ends, so I'm feeling a smidge more calm, as opposed to the all out panic attacks I was having last week. So, since I'm feeling better, I figured it's time to get back to CF. No more screwing around with this 1 or 2 days a week crap. That's for the birds! So, I got up at my usual time and hit the zero dark fifteen class. I have missed my zero dark fifteen family, and I'm not going to lie, I was thrilled to see a strength workout on my first day back as opposed to a thrasher metcon. LOL.

Sooooo we did some back squats! Woot! I'm really starting to heart back squats. I may make a t-shirt. Actually a tank top I think. Katie hearts back squats. :) Whatdya think? ;) My trials actually felt really good, and Jerry told me that my form looked better than the last time when I was trying to hold too upright of a position. So, all in all, it felt good to be back at the box. My trials looked a little sumptin' like 'dis.

35 X 5
65 X 5
85 X 5
105 X 5
125 X 5
145 X 5
155 X 5
165 X 5

Woot! When we did 3's a few weeks ago 165 was my top out on 3... then it went up to 185. Now my 5 repper is at 165. Strong girl! :) (Just like my tank top says!!!) :) Eeeh! :) Just watch the youtube... the "eeh" will make sense if you just watch the pig. :) I heart pig. He makes me giggle.


Justa said...

Vinnie? Did you do the Barbarino?

Katie said...

Actually THAT video was on YouTube! :)