Friday, May 22, 2009

Hero WOD: Murph

CrossFit: Happy early birthday! Now do Murph.
Me: $@#!#$

I marked my territory doing Murph... how do I know it's mine? Because I chalk once, and put my hands back in the same place everytime... and because I recognize all the sweat droplets... God knows I stared at that spot of the floor long enough today! If you look carefully in every photo from the 0515 class... I am SOMEWHERE in the background doing push-ups.... *&&^^(*(*)__) push-ups!

As Sean would say... here is my butt rock selection of the day... :P

Sooo tomorrow is my official birthday... I'm going to have to change my about me section to reveal my true age. :P I asked Jerry for some back squats X 1 as my birthday present but he already had Murph on the menu... darn. So for my birthday present to day I got to hit Murph. The last time we hit Murph was December and I did it in 1:08. Today I did it in 1:01:53. No matter what I do, I cannot break 1:00 on this stupid thing. It's driving me insane. I can fly through the chins and the squats, but GD the push-ups just slow me down so much. I really and truly did not rest that much today. I didn't! I put my head down a few times, but it was only for a few seconds at best! Eck! Oh well, as Jerry says, it's better to finish than to never start. True, but man, I'm smoked!!! Got my butt kicked by all the other classes today. Note to self, kill push-ups next time you see him...


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I did Murph on my first week of crossfit. I thought I was going to die!

Not only did I meet Pukie this was the one where I lost a beloved t-shirt to ammonia sweat!

Justa said...

Happy birthday a couple hours early, Katie. I've never tried Murph. I need to change that!

Katie said...

You lost your shirt to sweat Steve? Wow... it must've been bad... especially during your first week... ugh!

Justa, I don't recommend Murph as a birthday present to yourself... thank you for the birthday wishes!!

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Murph holds a special place in my heart though..Like I say, I puked first time I did it. It was also an epiphany, by the time I'd done it I was a crossfit convert.