Thursday, May 21, 2009

When life and CrossFit collide...

Today's musical selection... enjoy! :) (I swear I seriously have the most random musical taste ever.)

I titled this post today when life and CF collide because I've been finding lately that I've been having a hard time leaving my life at the door and focusing on CF while I'm there. I know I need to CF, which is why I keep going, but my mind is not always 100% there. My life outside the box is colliding with my life inside the box. I want to continue to progress and continue to see improvements with CF, but can that occur when the performances I'm giving aren't as good as they should be? I guess I'm stuck with the age old question then. Is it better to get in a sub par performance than none at all? Are you really doing yourself any favors? I know people who use their workout as an escape, but for me, it's become (somehow) a time when I brood over things. It's the opposite and I don't know how to shake that other then telling myself to shut up, which isn't always the most effective, and sometimes makes me look slightly crazed when I talk to myself.

I personally feel like it's better to get some than not (good lord I'm leaving lots of room for jokes today). But at the same time, I HATE that when I've been in the box lately, I'm not all there. My weights are down, my times are slower, but more than anything, my head and spirit are down. It feels great to be around the CF crew, as they've been wonderfully patient with me these last few weeks, but at the same time, I don't want to exhaust them with my poor spirits and attitude. I don't want to become a toxic person. I don't like my life colliding with my CF life but it's become a battle that I'm having to fight. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lay the burdens at the door so I'm only shouldering the bar and not my baggage too?

I felt my baggage sitting square on my shoulders today inside the box, and it didn't help me with my form while I was trying to do my overhead work. Today was truly an interesting day at CF. I certainly love me some overhead work (have I mentioned that at ALL lately?) but there are certainly overhead things I like more than others. You're not supposed to have favorites among your children (or all your boyfriends) but sometimes it's hard not to. It's the little things really that sometimes just pull you one way or the other. Take for example my boyfriend Tom... just kidding... I don't have multiple boyfriends... unless you start talking about all the CF relationships I have. Deadlifts and I are back on speaking terms, but we're not comfy cozy. And push-ups and I are still on the outs. I don't think I'm every forgiving his sorry butt. But anyhoo, I got off track here... surprise surprise.... anyway, you're not supposed to pick favorites. So I try hard to love all my overhead work equally, but I can't.

Today we did max push presses X 1 and I have to say it was a little odd. I'm so comfortable with the clean and jerk, and pretty comfortable with my snatch, (*snicker*) that doing the pp felt a little, well, odd. I'm so used to getting under the bar, that to push it up really felt weird. I didn't do too badly, despite all that's been going on, so I was pretty happy with the weight I used. I def need to make sure that I keep that "double chin" and push the bar straight up in front of my face instead of making my first movement out away from my face, and then chasing it to put it up over my head. I also need to make sure that on the "dip" portion of the dip and drive, the bar isn't slowly rolling down my shoulders.

Here's the skinny on the weights...

35 X 5
55 X 5
65 x 1
75 X 1
80 X 1
85 X 1
90 X 1
95 X 1
100 X 1
105 X 1
110 X 1
115 X 1
120 X 1 (F) Moved out instead of straight up... told you I need to work that!

So... things to work on... but that's what CF is for right?


Sean said...

I can't access YouTube at work so you're blog is just one giant white page because all you do is post videos.


Katie said...

Dude... I do MORE than just post videos thank you... but some of us can't sit in front of our computers all day at work... we actually you know... do work... :P HA! Besides.... I'm rather enjoying my snatch being all over the internet thank you...

*score 2 for Katie for her cheesetastic snatch reference...

Justa said...

Damn. Now THAT was a good one, Katie!

Katie said...

Hehehe... ;)

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Cheesy snatch?

Aww come on!!

Katie said...

Steve that would be rather... messy... :P

Justa said...

Well...I love cheese...and...needless to say how I feel about snatches...but together? I don't know....

I subscribe to the something is better than nothing theory, Katie. All it will take is one good day and you'll have a mind reset there.