Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday WOD: Workin' that money maker!

Thursday's wod had us workin' that money maker! Or runnin it off... whichever...

After two hero WOD's and some max overhead squats, I knew some metcon would be on the menu for today, and boy was it. This was was rough on the legs. I clearly know after this WOD that my metcon is sucking big time, so clearly, now that the move is done, school is almost over, and I'm down to 2 jobs, it's time to stop pussy footin' around, and get my diet back under control. I've become wicked strong, and nice and SLOW. UGH. The wod went a little something like this...

Run 800 M
40 box jumps
40 KB swings
Run 800 M
30 Box jumps
30 KB swings
Run 800 M
20 Box jumps
20 KB swings

My total time was just over 30 minutes. I should have easily had this in under 30. Harumpf.

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