Thursday, May 14, 2009

PULL me UP from my knees...

Ok, so I know I'm behind on actually writing about my workouts, but I really am sorry. I'm working my full time job (teaching) plus five nights this week at my other job, and I'm STILL moving. I promise that when I can I will get to the writing of these things. Maybe later today or tomorrow. Scouts honor... wait I never was a scout so I don't know that that works. Hmmmm... Anyway....

TODAY'S MUSICAL SELECTION! Ha... now, the title has nothing to do with the workout, but one or two words in the song just MIGHT have something to do with the workout, in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way... OR actually a ONE degree of Kevin Bacon today... ha!

And if you're not tracking the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon reference, click here... :)

I was having a rough time getting rolling on Thursday, but I managed to get out of bed after another long night at work and get to the box. This workout was an interesting little couplet that looked like this.

Max strict press
Weighted strict chin

The workout is designed to be done, 1 strict press, 1 pull-up, and is an interesting mix of pushing and pulling. Despite my great overhead strength, strict presses are not a strength for me. And after well, everything, I wasn't feeling particularly strong on Thursday, but hey. Don't knock me, I got to the box. So my max strict press was only 85 (not too far off my strict PR of 93) and my max chin was only 25.

Silly me put a dumbbell between my legs and dropped it on my foot during my chin! Ouch... silly Katie... :P Overall though, a good strength workout.


Justa said...

Sometimes my dirty mind can be a curse! least it sounds like you're getting the workouts in...which is much more important than writing about them!

Katie said...

LOL Justa!!! LOL. Kevin Bacon cannot possibly be dirty!! LOL.

I'm trying to get back into the box, but sometimes life just makes it really hard. Does anyone else have that problem? It's not that I don't want to work out, but I'm really hitting a lot of roadblocks!

Justa how have your wod's been going? How's life in general?

Justa said...

I've been doing fairly well. I pulled something in my calve (trying to run POSE in Chucks...) so that has been hampering my metcon work. I'm working around it as best I can. can get in the way sometimes. I just try to keep it to a minimum!