Friday, November 7, 2008

Attacked by wild rabid badgers...

I was attacked by badgers this morning... or well rather one badger really... curses... I hate it when I get attacked by badgers...

I mean, come on, those things aren't nice and with the sharp teeth and the claws and the eeek! Ok, Ok, so perhaps I'm stretching the truth JUST a SMIDGEN. Ok, I wasn't really attacked by a badger PER SAY.... but I did get my butt kicked by a Badger! :P ("Ok Brand, Michael Jackson didn't really use the bathroom at my house... but his sister did!" If you know where that comes from points to you!)But anyway, I knew today was Badger because I happened to check my Facebook and saw that Jerry had commented to Adam about it. I nearly didn't go in because of that, and I actually agonized for a bit. But, with everything that's been going on, I just can't keep letting it drag me down. I need to keep in the Blue Room. So, up and at 'em I was at 0445 and away I went.

I warmed up my squat cleans, hit a few chins, and got ready to tackle the Badger. Jerry was talking about going from the floor, and he's been asking me about that a lot lately. I know he's tryng to get me to have good form and increase my range of motion, and so I thought that's what he was telling me this morning. Well, we settled in, and so away I went pulling from the floor. If you're not familiar with Badger, here is the bone up on it:

3 rounds for time
30 squat cleans (w 65lbs m 95lbs)
30 chins
800 meter run

So, as I'm about oh, 24 reps into the first set, Jerry said, "Katie we're going from the hang!" And I said "But you asked about the floor!" We then realized that I was uber confused, which is not all THAT unusual, and I was being stupid. But, since I started from the floor, from the floor I stayed. I did 90 squat cleans from the floor. OW! I didn't realize how much more pulling from the floor gases you. It doesn't seem like much, but holy cow. I was panting and could only do 3 at a time. Maybe 4 a few times. I was gassed. Throw in the 30 chins and the run, and I thought I was going to die. This was not a PR day for me, but last time I didn't pull from the floor. I went from the hang, so naturally it will be somewhat faster, but my time today was over 3 minutes slower than before, which feels utterly depressing, even though I know I did more work. I think my time overall was 46:34. :( I'm not pleased.

BUT, on a wonderful note... I went shopping at Tarzhay last night, and I happened to have one of those sorts of nights where I wander aimlessly through the store. Well, I discovered, that Tarzhay is an awesome place to buy cute pj's! They had all sorts of fleecy and flannel pants for $10 and then shirts that matched for $7. So I bought some polka dotted pants with a green shirt to match some of the polka dots... and then... tee hehehehehe... I bought socks. Tehehehehe... they are cream and blue to match some of the polka dots, and they... tehehehe... they have a hole for each toe. Heheheheheheh. Oh they make me giggle... :) But they are seriously the most comfy pj's I have.... and I predict that by 500 tonight, I'll be wearing them... :) AWESOME!!!!! :)I love lazy weekends!!!!!!!!! :)


Justa said...

Hmmm. I'm waiting for the rest of the story....

Cara said...

You must've just made the Badger hungry, 'cause he chewed my quads off!

Jen said...

As soon as I get home from work, I throw on the pj's.

Nice job on the squat cleans.