Saturday, November 22, 2008

Metcon of horrors!

So, per Thursday's post, and oh, let's say about 30 other posts of mine, we all know that I'm not a huge fan of running. Well, Thursday was running, and now guess what came up yesterday? Oh yes, a good old fashioned metcon WITH RUNNING. Curses! I so suck at running!!! As I said on Thursday, Jerry has started to follow the main site. Yesterday's workout was actually supposed to be a 5K. *shudder* Yes, ok, I know I finished a half marathon but you know what happened after that? A fat lot of no running, cause I no longer had a reason to really. Well, thankfully, Jerry didn't make us do the 5K. Whew! However, he did make us do this

3 Rounds for time
800 meter run
15 hang squat clean thrusters (1/2 jerk max-70lbs)
15 box jumps
15 burpees

I would like to preface this whole thing by saying, that this workout sucked!!! I felt very very sluggish on the run and as an aside, also was freezing my behind off because it was a whopping 32 degrees outside during the run. I literally felt like my lungs were burning. Then to go right into squat clean thrusters was just brutal. How is it that Jerry is able to come up with such madness? I go back to my post from this summer where I said that Jerry has an evil CrossFit lab in his basement where he figures out new and interesting ways to torture me. :P It's full of toys and smoke and ocassionally maniacal laughter.

But anyhoo, the running, squat clean thrusters, then box jumps were a doozy on the legs, and let's not forget the finisher of the burpees. I had to dump the squat weight a few times because I was loose on the bottom but I was able to get through things pretty well. I wasn't the fastest on the day by any means, but considering how slow I am at running and burpees, I didn't do too badly. :P My overall time was 32:09. Could have been a little faster, but all things considered I'll take it. With the crazy schedule, the bad eating, and my general amount of disfunctionalness these days, I'll take it. :P


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Running isn't fun at all is it?

I share your antipathy towards it.

The thing is, the exercises I hate (see also Burpee's) are probably the ones that I need to do more of.

Katie said...

Steve isn't that always the case though?

Cara said...

You know... usually I read your blog and am sad about the workouts I miss.

So not the case for this one!

Of course, I'd rather have been doing this than what I was doing at the time - mainly, battling a fever. But still... EWWW.