Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday's killer and max front squats...

Sooooo.... working on Sunday nights is fun. Have I mentioned recently how much I heart working on Sunday nights? No? I haven't? Oh well... Let me rectify that STAT! Ok, I've worked in the restaurant business in some capacity since I was 19. I like the restaurant business, otherwise I wouldn't keep doing it. But sometimes, it can get very frustrating. Like last night... things were slow, and I was in the process of cleaning up, when 7 people came in about 45 minutes from closing. They were served quickly, but then proceeded to sit. And sit, and sit and chat and sit and chat. Now, I understand they were having a good time, but seriously? It was 1/2 hour past close, I had to sweep still, and they were camped. So eventually, I paid our busboy $5 to sweep for me when they left. So, I rolled home around 11.

Now, my roommate was nice enough to let me use her car while she's out of town so getting to from work was not a problem, thankfully. But, getting home at 11 didn't help my getting out of bed for CF. But, I did. Barely... mostly because I knew that people would be all over my butt if I skipped today. So I went. And today we hit... *dunh dunh dunh daaaaahhhh* Max front squats. Oh yeah. 5 rep max front squats. Now, I'm not great at squats, but I was game. Although the second I cleaned the bar, I knew that yesterday's killer was going to hurt me. Oh, that's right, I forgot to mention that fun little tidbit. Here's what I did yesterday

25 chins
50 clean and jerk (65lbs)
50 burpees
50 wall ball sit ups (15lbs)
50 box jumps
50 push-ups
25 chins
Time 29:05

Not too shabby, but man, I cleaned that bar today and wwwwoooooooo buddy were my shoulders aflame! But, I'm not one to shy away from max stuff. I like it! I like it a lot! :) :P So, away I went. Here's what my reps looked like.

35 X 5
65 X 5
85 X 5
105X 5
115X 5
125X 5
135X 5
140X 3 (darn!)

To be frank, 140 felt better than 135 but I was gassed and couldn't get the 4th rep out of the hole. On the last rep of 135 I don't have the foggiest idea how I got it up. Jerry said I started to lean back, and man I just gritted my teeth on that one and pushed with everything I had. Somehow I got out of it and got up with that last rep, but man oh day it wasn't pretty I know. Even without a camera, I know. I would have tried 140 again, but I was pretty fried. That was a lot of front squats to do before attempting 140. But overall the last two days, I've been pretty pleased. Work still is frustrating me, as is the car situation, but other things are turning around and going ok, so I'm feeling a little bit better. Hopefully things will keep going well. I've got stuff to look forward to this weekend and am just hoping that work stress doesn't overwhelm me and stays at bay. But, we'll see.... it's going to be another crazy week... I may be like Homer and go crazy... I really hope everyone enjoyed that Youtube... that's one of my faves! Well, until next time...

The feast is mine! Yikes... and away! :P


Cara said...

Shit - can't believe I missed max front squats.. damn...

Justa said...

Good work, Katie! Next time, front squat the campers right the hell out the door!

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Max front squats?

Well girl, you are a fantastic athlete doing those things!

I feel like I'm choking a little when I attempt those, but more kudos for us for doing them. Bodybuilders probably have some sort of machine that does it for them eh?

Darcy 'D2' said...

Your story made me think of the movie, Waiting, and what the restaurant staff did to they guys food when they came in just before closing. I won't spoil the movie but after seeing that I would never go to a restaurant close to closing time.