Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fight Gone.... Worse?

You know, I didn't think it was humanly possible to make Fight Gone Bad suck anymore than it already does, but, yet again, I was absolutely wrong. Fight Gone Bad sucks, but Fight Gone Bad with set reps sucks even more. Let me 'splain... (no, there is too much. Let me sum up. Buttercup marry Humperdink in little less than half an hour. ;) ) Sorry, random movie reference... but if I didn't, I just wouldn't be me... anyway, back to the 'splaining... ;)

Fight Gone Bad is 3 rounds with 1:00 on each exercise in each round. So literally it's 15 minutes of suck. But, if you're like me... you try to game FGB. You know that rowing sucks the life out of you, so you try to keep a normal amount of calories and then just pick up a few extras somewhere where you are good... like oh say.... PUSH PRESS? Ah... jess, push press my old friend. However, once you take away the gaming aspect of FGB... well then, you are stuck with a whole lot of SUCK because you can't fudge! So, really, you have no choice but to go ahead and embrace the suck... because just looking at it, you know it's going to. The suck looks a little sumptin' like this...

3 Intervals
Rest 1:00 between intervals
20 wall ball
20 KB high pulls (53)
20 box jumps
20 push press (55)
20 calories

Doing the box jumps right after the kbhp and the wall balls was brutal. I kept thinking I was going to miss and hit the box on my shin again. But then, it got better. Once I had NO feeling left in my legs, I had to go hop in on a rower. Speaking of having no legs, I'm really tempted to throw out a Forest Gump reference, but I'm refraining. Be very proud. Anyhoo, where was I? Oh yes, back to the sucking. My intervals looked a little sumptin' like 'dis...

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3

Dang... I'm pleased that I kept this under 7 minutes at the end. I was sucking wind... and I mean sucking... if we ever do this again... I am taking a freakin' rest day... period. For cereal.

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