Monday, April 27, 2009

I hate to "run" but.... I have a pressing engagement elsewhere...

Unless I'm mistaken, it was the Mamas and the Papas who sang that Monday was so good to me. Now, I'm going to have to beg to differ here. Because Mondays are never good to me. And you know, the only other thing that I hate worse than Mondays? Running. And what do you suppose came up in our workout today? Running. Running on a Monday.... uggggghhhhhh... Monday was not so good to me. Regardless of the fact that the Mamas and Papas are lying through their teeth, I still enjoy the song.

Running... grrrrr... I know it's a very weak point for me, much like push-ups are, so I've started working the weakness. Last week I warmed up everyday with an 800M run at least, and I told you on Friday that I picked the Metcon wod over strength, so I'm trying to get better. But I can't get better in a week, so having this wod today just made me want to... I don't know, quit I suppose, but I didn't. I ran, and ran, and ran... and I really wish I could have used my title as an escape route, but seeing as how it was 0515, I don't think anyone would have really bought that I had a previous engagement... crap. :P On a positive note though, I think I actually had a halfway decent time this morning. Of course I was no where NEAR Sean and the likes of Todd, but I held my own today. I even went over RX'd for the walking lunges. Chances are my behind is going to feel that tomorrow. Rut roh! But for today, it was some solid work and definitely is helping me work my weakness.

Today's Wod looked like this:
400 M run
15 pull-ups
100 ft walking lunges (20lb)

Time 26:30

Not too shabby. I hate running, really, truly, and for cereal, but I have to be proud of today. I could have quit. I could have done the shorter version, but I hung in there and did all 5 rounds, and I did an ok job with it. I'm not a runner and to get better I need to work it, but man, working your weakness is hard. You so are not enthused that it just kills you mentally. Well, ok at least it does me anyway. But, it was good. It felt ok, and I wasn't dying too god awful bad, although that's not to say it didn't hurt. It did. A sucked very much bad. Jess? Jess. But, embracing the suck in CF is how you get better at it. Soooo embracing the suck I am!


Sean said...

Let's be mindful that Todd had a weight vest on and still finished in 20-mins. AND as I was leaving I noticed that Russ blew through the WOD in 18-mins!

Two Words, One Syllable - NINJA!

Angela Childress said...


I know you don't think that time is "not to shabby" but it was a great time. It may not be at the top on the white board, but you gave great effort sucking it up, and pushing through something you really hate.

Way to go! Many Kudos to you!

Justa said...

Running = Blech

I did some barefoot sprinting over the weekend. Man...when you don't sprint very often you actually kinda forget how to run fast! Now that spring is here, I've committed myself to doing that more frequently. My 400m and 800m are also appreciatively slower than they were back in November too....not that I appreciate that much, mind you.

At least my Monday did NOT include running. But there is tomorrow....

Katie said...

Ummmmm... that's one word with two syllables... who was your 3rd grade teacher?!?! And was you telling me that Todd beat me in a weight vest supposed to make me feel better? :P

Thanks for keeping me in check
Angela... sometimes I do get a bit competitive with that board... :o)

Justa... embrace the suck... let's work the weakness!

Sean said...

Well it doesn't make ME feel better that's for sure! It's an everyday occurrence for me - try slogging through the rest of your day knowing that you got whomped on by the dude in the weight vest!

Katie said...

Ummmm... that is what I do everyday... unless you are forgetting that I workout with you... :P