Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Run Forest, scratch that, I mean Katie, RUN!

Guess what we did today!!!!! You can't guess?! Ok well fine, I'll tell you. We were running! :P

Unfortunately, I don't run nearly as fast as Forest, I don't have near as cool of kicks as he does, and my hair is nowhere near as awesome. Not to mention, I also don't sport a 1980's windbreaker or a haircut circa ZZ Top. But, regardless of my lack of cool, I certainly feel like I ran as much as him today. Ok, ok fine... so maybe not quite as much as him..... but close! (Ok Brand, Michael Jackson didn't use the bathroom at my house... but his sister did!) Tehehe...

Today's WOD was all about the running... with some max rep pull-ups thrown in there. Did I mention that it was amrap in 22 minutes? Oh yeah. Good fun times. I'm actually pretty please overall with my work today. Well, aside from the fact that my running was really slow. I mean, I'm glad I did it, and it was some good work, but it was SLOW. Here's what I looked like today.

800 M run
50 AbMats

AMRAP in 22 minutes
Max Pull-ups
400 M run
Total rounds 7
Total pull-ups 93

I was stoked about the 21 pull-ups today. I haven't maxed on pull-ups in such a long time, and getting used to the new fixed bar took forever. I'm glad to see that my strength is finally coming back. It felt good to be that close to my Blue Room PR. I think I def have more in me than 21, but I felt my hands sliding and I knew that it was amrap too, so mentally I quit a little earlier than I should, but nonetheless, 21 is a good number.

I also got a fairly decent amount of running in today too. 7 rounds X 400 meters is 2800 M plus I did that 800 so a nice total of 3600 M today. Figuring that meters are longer than yards and banking on the yards to miles conversion of 1,760 yards to the mile, you figure that's a little bit over two miles. Close to 2.25 maybe? For someone who is icky poo puppies at running, that's a lot of running for one day. I'm glad I got it in though. It didn't feel as good as Monday's running, but it felt good to get it in.

As an aside, I'm noticing a definite difference in my performance since coming back into the 0515 realm. Working out before the stress of the day is definitely way better for me, and I should avoid working out at night when possible. I understand that working out at night also has its benefits, ie pushing through exhaustion to strengthen yourself even at that point, but it just FEELS better to be in in the early AM. Tomorrow should be a rest day, but we'll see how work goes tonight. I may not take one this week. We'll see. I'm feeling the need for a 6 day CF cycle. We'll see though. I've picked up another permanent shift at the restaurant on Wednesdays so two sleep deprived mornings back to back is rough, especially combined with 17 hour work days. But, like I said... we'll see. :P

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