Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm just "Josh"in ya'!

Every first Friday of the month is choose your own hero or girl workout. Sort of like "choose your own death" like I was talking about last week. ;) It also means that we get to have a social after class. I'm really coming to enjoy the socials because we have so many new people, and so many old people who I just don't get to see very much of since I'm in at 0515, that it's great to be able to stand around and chat with them. It does make me laugh though to see everyone in real clothes because sometimes I don't recognize them. LOL.

So last night's social was great fun, except for the fact that I was EXHAUSTED. Thank God spring break is finally here. Yesterday was a pretty miserable day for about half of it, and when I got to CFOT it was raining. I didn't want to run in the rain because I didn't even want to RISK getting sick while I'm off on spring break, so I decided to hit Josh. I did Josh last month on choose your own day and I landed him in 11:18. I thought that was a fairly decent time and was pretty pleased with that. But of course Jerry said that if I was doing it again, I should try to beat my time. Well crap. :P

But nonetheless I jumped on the clock and went for it. Josh looks like this if you aren't familiar.

21 OHS
42 Pull-ups
15 OHS
30 Pull-ups
18 Pull-ups

It's a doozy of a workout, similar to a Fran feeling because your forearms just get fried from holding the barbell up and from doing the pull-ups. I had a hard time doing more than 3 or 4 pull-ups at a time, otherwise I would have made up some more time there. But regardless, I nailed this in 9:32 and was pretty please about knocking almost 2 minutes off my time. I was pretty stoked. Jerry told me that next time I need to try the 95lb men's rx'd since OHS are so easy for me. Crap. :P Damn me and my swimmer shoulders.....

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