Thursday, April 16, 2009

"I better not do any, I don't know... LUNGES?!"

Wednesday's metcon was pretty brutal. I'm not even kidding. After the front squat disaster, I knew I needed to get in on Wednesday. So, in I went like a good little lemming after school. This WOD really sucked! Just in case you were wondering.

For time
100 M walking lunges
21 pull ups
21 burpees
100 M walking lunges
18 pull ups
18 burpees
100 M walking lunges
15 pull ups
15 burpees
100 M walking lunges
12 pull ups
12 burpees
100 M walking lunges
9 pull ups
9 burpees
100 M walking lunges
6 pull ups
6 burpees
100 M walking lunges
3 pull ups
3 burpees

Time: 24:27


Robin said...

One of my very favorite Friends moments ever!

Tami said...

Oh God, that one really does suck. It's a variation on a main site WOD from last week, only the main site had situps instead of burpees. This looks much, much worse.

I did it with the situps and I couldn't move anything from the neck down for about a week. My sympathies. Or maybe "get well soon" would be better to say.

Katie said...

I seriously would have preferred the sit-ups to burpees...

I appreciate the get well soon... although it may be more appropriate after the Helen challenge... ugh