Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The best day EVER...

I love CF days where I laugh a lot... today was one of those days and believe me, I needed it. I know that it's stupid to let a situation with a boy mess with my head, but for some reason this one is really getting to me. I guess it's over but I'm not really sure, and I'm wandering around in that limbo land where I hope he calls and explains that something dreadful has happened and he's really sorry he didn't retun my call, but the reality of the matter is that that's not going to happen. So why doesn't that register with my brain? Or rather my heart which seems to be a useless organ and only good for getting me into situations where I find myself wanting to beat myself senseless with blunt objects, which is very clearly a health hazard. *sigh* Anyway, I needed to laugh today and there were a few good moments that gave me a good giggle.

For those of you who don't work out with us, you should know that I put together a collection of music on my I-Pod for us to workout to. I took the requests from our team, plus took some, "creator liberties" (hehehe, they include the likes of Abba) and added a few of my favorites. One of my top moments from today involved Terrance singing "Poison" while attempting to do Hollow Rocks. I also laughed hysterically when "Beat It" came on, and Terrance said that he's going to put that on loop when his wife Jen has her baby. Apparently he thinks it will be inspirational... ;) I told him he may want to clear that with her.

Another favorite moment was when Matt was coming down off the ring dips with a KB dangling between his legs, and my filter didn't quite make it in time, and I said, "Dude, watch your nuts." Now, I'm not quite sure why I was worried about Matt's family jewels, but he and Craig, as well as Andrea T. and Laura got a good kick out of that one.

Now, my favorite giggle of the day was when Jerry spit out what has to be the best pick up line EVER. Oh teee he. It made me laugh for about five minutes. As Adrienne was working her modified deadlifts he told her that she had "Great cervical vertebrae allignment." Oh tehehehehehehehe. It made me giggle in the worst way. It seriously sounded like the world's best pick up line. How Adrienne didn't lose the barbell and laugh I don't know, because I did.

So, it was a good day to work in the Blue Room. No crazy rounds for time. Just a work up heavy for about 5-6 working rounds. Here's what we did.

Modified DL work up as heavy as you can be perfect X10
Hollow rocks :30-:60 as your level sees fit
Ring dips 5-10 as your level sees fit

Now, for me today, 5 ring dips was plenty. If you were keeping up over the weekend, you know about Elizabeth, the following Funishment, the run, Sunday's workout, and then the following Funishment. So, that's 5 WOD's in 3 days? Yeah, 5 ring dips was plenty seeing as how I haven't recovered. I was a bit upset with the ROM on them, but hey, I just did 45 the other day... can't be too upset with that.

I did 5 rounds and worked up to 10 Modified DL's with 145lbs, so I didn't think that was too shabby either. Afterwards in an attempt to kick my own ass for being such a jackass about this whole boy thing, Jerry suggested a 1K row. I made it 2. So I rowed 2,000 meters. I was really trying to focus on form. I know it sounds odd, but I found that if I looked to the left as I was rowing and watched my shoulder, I could also see my knee out of the corner of my eye, and I was able to focus more on legs then arms. It's weird I know, but it really helped because then I wasn't focused on the time or meters left. At the end I didn't feel like I had expended all I could, but it felt good. My time was 8:37.7. Not too bad. It took over the top class time, but my records don't usually last very long... damnit.... :P

So, then I did a couple sets of 6 chins, but my hands are still so screwed up that I couldn't even hang on the bar. I think it might be time to untape my bar again, but we'll see. I think the tape is what's giving me the wicked ridges in my hands, but we'll see. Lots of people now like my bar, so I may have other people to contend with. Summer is winding down and Monday is the official start of school for teachers. *sigh* Not looking forward to a week of meetings etc. So to try to make my time a little more pleasant, I'm trying to get my posters and bulletin boards up this week. I'm hoping that having a bit done already will help. I'm also trying to bury myself in work so I don't think about how crappy I feel. Avoidance? Yes. Does it work? Usually.


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

Can't beat avoidance as a strategy!

I think hitting myself in the jewels with a kettle bell would be enough to put me off ever leaving the house again!

P.T. said...

Here's one to add to the mix


Justa said...

Good job on the workouts, Katie. You'd better fine tune that filter before school starts...unless you want to end up on the six O'clock news!

Katie...it may not feel like it, but the guy may be doing you a favor. I've always found the best relationships are where there is a balance of "power". Or as George would say...nobody has "hand". If somebody has to chase too much, they give the other person hand, and they will always be in a weak position in the relationship. You've got a lot to offer someone. If this guy doesn't get it, it's his loss. Really. Live your life. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you least expect it.

See? You learn some things when you're like nine hundred years old like I am!

Katie said...

Steve, I thought it was good lookin out for him... but I guess maybe I should have tried to get the filter in there faster... :P

Katie said...

Thanks Justa. That's really nice of you to say. But you're right... right now it doesn't feel like a favor in any way shape or form. After taking a 4 month hiatus from dating, this guy was the first person I put myself out there for... so it's smarting quite a bit right now.

Katie said...

Pt, that was awesomely bad... LOL. I love it and it made me laugh. Thank you! :)