Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Men Vs. Women: The rematch

You know, when Jerry sent the email that today's workout was going to be the rematch that I've been waiting for, all I could hear were ringing bells and the "LET'S GET IT ON!" I was so ready for it this morning. With all the pansy boy drama, I needed a good butt kickin' workout, and team competitions always seem to be good for that. The men vs. women competition we did a few months ago was one of the most hotly contested things I've ever been in. Last time, the men were saved by the men in the 500 class. They barely beat us with the average being less than a point. It was close. VERY close, and we've been nagging Jerry for a rematch and finally got it.

Today's rematch was either the best workout I've ever done, or the worst idea I've ever had. (and believe me that's saying something since we all know I've had quite a few REALLY bad ideas) I'm typing this now because I'm afraid if I wait until later, I may have actually lost function in my arms, so better to get it done now. But, basically, I decided to workout through all 3 classes so I could keep putting points on the board for the women. I just needed to stay above the class average to keep helping us out. I started at 0600 and worked out until 0815. That's a lot of work to put in. I think I may have actually crippled myself this time, but time will tell. Here's how this broke down today.

Men Vs. Women
All Day Team Competition
3 Points
Farmers walk (w 20lb m 35lb)

1 Point
500 M row
400 M run
10 Burpees
50 Double Unders
150 Single Jump Ropes
35 Ab Mat Sit-ups
20 Wall Ball (w 10lb m 15lb)
70 Bull Whip
10 TGU (w 15 m 25)

I decided to try the 2K row again right out the gate and see if I couldn't beat yesterday's time, and put up 4 points right away for my team. The row didn't feel as good, but it was faster than yesterday. I rowed out a new 2K PR to get the women started. I rowed in 8:16.5. 21 seconds faster than yesterday. After that, I hit the outside for farmer's walks. I did 8 rounds of farmers walks and put a total of 28 points on the board for the women in the first class.

Now Jerry told me that we could workout in more than one class, but we would count as another person. After Matt goaded me, I decided to jump into the 0645 class. I made sure Matt was aware of the counting as a new person rule, and he said, "Yeah. I'm going again. Aren't you?" And then he went out the door, and that was all I could take. Mother f'er. I went out and just kept doing farmer's walks. There was no way I was going to let him put more points on the board than me. I did 10 farmer's walks AND in the second class I managed to get 2 times around the building (roughly 800 M) without dropping, which def helpd me get to 10. Then I split some burpees at the end with Mel and Karen, so I basically scored 30.33333 points in the 0645 class.

Now, I was going to call it quits after that, but Mel asked me if I was going to jump in at 0730. I was going to leave, but she looked like she might jump in, so I thought, what the hell... if I just stay above our average, I'll help out the team. The average for women was just a little over 23. So I knew if I stayed above that I could help raise the average. Well, as I got set, Mel bailed out cause she couldn't stay the whole time, and I was the ONLY woman to represent at 0730. My point total was 25 and I avoided the row, run, and the farmer's walk.

Here's how my overall reps for the whole day broke down... this is insane you do realize right?

2000M Row (PR!)
18 Farmer's Walks (7200M total)
Total meters walked/rowed- 9200

Ab Mat Sit-Ups- 350
Bull Whips-280
Single Jump Rope- 300
Wall Ball-80
Total reps- 1060

Mind you, all the rowing and running came in the first two classes. All the reps came in the third class, at which point I will wholeheartedly admit, I hit fatigue. This was insane. But, BUT, it does say a lot about Jerry's work that he's been able to put me in shape metabolically to be able to do this. So yay for that. The women took the 0600 class and the 0730 class. The men got away with the 0645 class, and I'm not sure how 0900 panned out. As the numbers were crunched (by moi ;) ) after the 0730 class, the men were down. Jerry took total points and divided by total people to get the average for each team. The men were at an average of 20.23. The women were running at an average of 23.45. AM ladies, I'm very proud of you! You guys kicked some tuckus! This is why I say the women of CFOT are strong!!! Awesome work.

As Jerry updates... I'll be sure to pass them along..... :)

I forgot to mention the funnies from this morning... ;)

Gar: "Katie, I don't know if I can work out today."
Me: "Why?"
Gar: "Cause we're on different teams."
Me: "Well Gar we kinda have to be. You have a penis and I have a vagina."

5 minutes later
After retelling this conversation to Anthony...
Anthony: "That's what's wrong with you right there."

Ah... CrossFit moments...


Justa said...

That sounds like a fun time, Katie. Because I work out on my own, I don't get to have fun like that.

You know...I'm just gonna whisper this...part of progressing is getting enough rest. You've been doing a fair amount of extra this week. Be don't want to break down.

Great work, though!

Katie said...

I know... it's a distractionary technique and it may wind me in hot water... but too I know next week is going to be crazy with me going back to school... so I want to get the work in...

But I do appreciate the lookin' out! :)

Honestly a lot of it is that I just don't want to let the boys win... ;)

Cara said...

Once again, I apologize for not being able to get my butt out of bed this morning!! CF would've done me good... ::sigh::

Katie said...

It's ok... I've already fired you... :P

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

I love the competitive element of this training!!

Hell I would have coughed up a kidney before surrendering!

We'll have do an online challenge sometime..

Katie said...

Steve, it's definitely a lot of fun... but we can be a little competitive... :)

Adam said...

Wow. Simply, wow. That is a ridiculous amount of endurance and drive, Kaite. I think my forearms would die after doing that many farmer's walks.

Katie said...

Uh, rest assured that they are pretty jacked.... it hurts to move my arms around right now...