Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a Murphtastic kind of day...

Today we shot a HUGE group through Murph... awesome!

Soooooo today was Murph... I'm sweaty (still) and gross... but I just went back through my emails to find my old Murph time so I could make the comparison. The last time we hit Murph was October 17, right after I joined CF. Last time we did Murph, I was using pink bands and also was doing modified push-ups. Last time we did Murph, it took me 1:32:53. Yeah, it really took me that long. Here's a quick refresher on Murph.

Me right before my final run on my first Murph...

1 Mile Run
100 Chins
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Today when we hit Murph, I did not use any bands, didn't do modified push-ups, and brought this in in 1:01:08. Do you realize that's over a half hour improvement? I say that's pretty damned good. What's funny is that I was so hot, I stripped. I actually went shirtless today on the last run. I NEVER do that, but today, I couldn't help it. Apparently it was a day of firsts for me. :P I'm still no Leslie, or Karen, or Mel. Those girls had insane times. All under 50:00. Sick. Freakin' sick. So I felt crappy that I couldn't keep up with them, but I'm happy about the improvement. Now, I'm going to pass out. That's just the way it's going to work today. :)


The Wigan Crossfitter said...


I dread/love that WOD coming up.

I scale mine way back at the moment so your time of just a smidge over an hour is very impressive.

Robin said...

Great job Katie! Next time under an hour for sure!

Kurt T. Fuller said...

Wow. Awesome job Katie.

To go from a modified Murph to as rx'ed, and still beat your time by 30+ minutes? Who is still questioning whether or not this stuff works?

I agree with Robin that you'll definitely be sub-60 next time. Probably sub 50, actually.

Keep up the hard work!


georgia said...

Elise is back with her vest! Yea!

Nice job on Murph. Definitely a favorite WOD.

Justa said...

That is fantastic progress, Katie! Really amazing.

Oh...and you left out the shirtless pics! ;P

Darcy D2 said...

Awesome job! I've never done Murph but it sounds nasty.

Katie said...

Thanks guys! :) It felt terrible at the time, but the half hour improvement feels nice.

Justa, there was nor will there ever be photographic evidence of me shirtless... It's the fat girl syndrome...