Monday, August 11, 2008

My return, some thoughts on well... my thoughts, and "There's chaos on the menu!"

I think it's safe to say, especially after reading everyone's comments and the few emails that I got, that I did not realize that my little blog has become, not a staple, that's not the word, but a part of people's daily lives. Got the paper, check, got my coffee, check, see what crazy Katie has to say today... check. :) I guess I didn't really realize that if I went away people would miss what I had to say. After reading all your thoughts and comments though, I was a little surprised, pleasantly though, so don't take that the wrong way. I didn't realize that you all felt so strongly about me being around. It's very nice to see, and it gives me those warm little fuzzies you get when you know you have great friends around. It's a great feeling. I know that I have never met some of you and for some of you far away, the possibility that that will occur is slim, but I can't describe how good it felt to know that you all appreciate my writing and care about what I have to say, and what's going on in my life. After talking with Jerry, Keturah, and a few others, I've decided to keep going with my little blog. I may piss people off along the way, I may offend them, but that's the risk that I take by putting myself on the internet I suppose. But, BUT... before I get back into workouts and such, there are a few things I need to say, and for those of you that this applies to, bookmark this post, and then SHARE it. You'll know what I mean.

First and foremost, let me start by saying that, yes. I am single. I realize to many out there, that means a few things in your supposed world. It must mean that I am just putting myself on the internet to meet men or women in some cases, and therefore that means I'm trying to steal yours. INCORRECT. I write my blog because I enjoy it. I communicate with people because I respect their opinions and enjoy the communication. HOWEVER, just because I am on the internet, it does not mean I have no morals, or that I am trolling the internet looking for a sexual encounter. I don't belive in dating or sleeping with someone else's so/fiance/spouse. I am NOT out to get your man, or in some cases, woman. I am single, but there is someone who I care for and would like to make things work with, and no he's not a CF'er, he's not married, engaged, or someone else's so. He's single, like me, and god willing, we're going to give this whole long distance thing a go. I like him, quite a bit, although he doesn't know that yet. (sometimes boys it's better you don't know all right away) So, if you're one of those people who has told me your so/fiance/spouse doesn't like you communicating with me, tell them to put that in their pipe and smoke it long and hard. And, then don't ever email me about the matter again, and tell your so not to either.

Secondly, I welcome dissenting opinions from my own. What makes the blogging world great is the ability to open the door to discussion. I loved the blog I wrote about CF ruling the fitness world, because that blog caused so many long comments and so much discussion. It was GREAT! I welcome that. But what I do not welcome are attacks on my character, or assumptions about my character. Please be advised that comments or emails that are regarding such will be immediately deleted, your name will be blocked from my site, and you will not be dealt with. So basically, you'll be wasting your time. So don't bother. Jerry was right when he told me this morning that I can't be concerned with the assholes of the world. I do tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, and when I am high, I'm touching the clouds. But part of the problem with that, is that I also allow others negative thoughts to bring me off that high. I forget how good I felt ten minutes ago and plummet, and that's exactly what has happened lately with the few emails I've gotten. But you know what? I have come too far, accomplished too many things, and worked too damn hard to let the stupidity and insensitive comments of a few ruin all of that. I AM a STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, CFOT WOMAN, and I have an awesome coach in my corner and an awesome crew, as well as an awesome group of bloggers around me. There's no need for any of your comments to be allowed to exist. So, just save yourself the trouble.

Now, now that I have gotten that little rant off my chest, I guess I should get back to what you're really here for. The Blue Room of Pain. :P Today there really was no warm-up. We shot straight into the chaos. Aren't those always the best workouts? No time for warming up, we've got chaos on the menu! Mmmmmm... chaos is tasty.... :P Ha! So, I haven't spent much time on the CF main site lately, but I think this one was one of theirs. Wait...double checking on that... patience please... Oop. No... courtesy of CrossFit Vancouver. Damn Canadians. ;) (I heart you CrossFit Regina! :) )Although, the boys in the video were pretty cute (for Canadians ;) ). They can come work out with me anytime. :) So, anyway, back on track here. The chaos looked like this today.

"Brutus" (Et tu Brute? Sorry, couldn't resist! :) )
Ladder for time
1 BB Snatch
1 Ring Dip
800M run
10 BB Snatch
10 OHS
10 Ring Dip

I used 53 lbs on the snatches and OHS, and I had to use floss for the dips. I brought this in in 42:40. I really suck at dips. I think that needs to be my next goal. I didn't feel too bad today though in all honesty. I did manage to beat the ever loving crap out of the top of my legs and the very inner part of my groin. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong to get bruises THERE but they hurt. I think that I was using my hips to throw the bar forward and then up but I'm not 100% sure. Jerry did take some video today, so if he posts it up I'll be sure to steal it. (I'm good at that.) I did not hit 26 chins though as some have inquired. I shaved my calluses down too far and my hands are a mess. I hate to tell my team this means that we will have to pull the first funishment workout. :( I is sorry.


The Wigan Crossfitter said...


I'm so glad you are carrying on..I wrote a piece today moaning on about people disappearing...glad you are not one of them..

Darcy D2 said...

Katie, I thought it was international knowledge that all men in Canada are cute, we prefer the term ruggedly handsome though. :)

Katie said...

No, Steve, I am not going to disappear, although I'm sure there are those who wish I would.

Darcy, I must have missed that day in class where they told us that... I'll be sure to keep that tidbit close... ;)

Justa said...

I'm really happy you're not letting the foolishness of other people affect what you do. Hell...if everyone stops posting, I might actually lose all my distractions at work!

Sounds like you had quite a workout today! Great job!

I had a funny thought reading about your bruises...I can picture Crossfitters going for annual checkups and having the doctor spend a half hour trying to find out if they're being physically abused by someone...and then trying to convince them the bruises were self inflicted!!

Anyway, glad to see you back!

Jerry said...

good workout homes.

and thanks for the spelling-error-catch. it was supposed to be "hip" and not "him".

you were right, "muted him function" has absolutely nothing to do with olympic lifting!

Katie said...

Justa, one time I had bruises on my arms from the rings, and I was really worried people were going to think that they were fingerprints and start asking questions. I'm glad to know that I can still distract you at work... :P

Jerry, I didn't think that "muted him function" was related to the Oly lifts, but I have been known to have some crazy thoughts here and there... :P So CF work tomorrow homeskillet?

Jerry said...

crazy thoughts? nay, not you.

no CF tomorrow. I'm still doing the WODs posted by Greg Everett @ catalyst athletics.

the oly/power cycle is done and i actually don't know what the next 16 week cycle is, but I thought i'd commit to it for the full time.

its not like i'm completely stopping metcon workouts, they're typically just shorter in nature. and the conditioning was never my problem, that came was the strenght.


keturah said...

YEAH! CFOT'ers don't stay down for too long. I'm happy you're back. I don't comment much but when people messes with my peeps I get disturbed.

Anyway, nice seeing you this morning. When I did not see you at 6am I was worried until you showed up at 6:45 with that bright yellow shirt. I knew that was a representation of the sun shining out of you again. I almost went blind, but it was a good wake up light :)

Way to push on the workouts.

J said...

bienvenida de nuevo katie and please continue writting our blog

Katie said...

Homeslice, I didn't realize that it was a 16 week program. When you said it was the end, I thought you were done. No worries about getting stronger. Someday, I might let you get stronger than me... ;) hehehehe...

Keturah, that was my Stullers (Steelers) shirt. :) I gotta represent my team... :)

Jaime, continuare escribir para nosotros. Muchas gracias por tu email el otro dia. Lo siento que no respondi pero pense que verias esto primera. (no estoy seguro si mis verbos estan correctos. lo siento otra vez!)

Anonymous said...

Katie - Stay strong. A blog is a blog girl and don't let it be more than that - most certainly don't let it define who you are. :) When do you go back to school?