Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart...UPDATED AGAIN

Happy 1 Year Anniversary CrossFit honey... I love you! :) CrossFit and I have officially been together for 1 year now. Yeah, it's serious. ;)

I don't know why Blogger videos are so small, but if you want to go see the full WMV file, click on this link to the CrossFit Old Town page, then open the attachment at the bottom of the post.

School is back in session... oh today... oops... guess I stayed up too late making my video... :(


And on our one year anniversary, I did an RX'd Fran. And by RX'd I mean as the website calls it RX'd. Not with the women's 65 lb RX'd Fran. No no, I mean with 95 lb thrusters. It hurt. My hands are fried, but I accomplished it. My time? A not too shabby 14:17. I'll take it. :)

I love my honey... ;)


In a cruel twist of fate, Jerry noticed that my bar was loaded only to 90 lbs. However, in listening to the video, my time was not 14:17, it was 13:17. One whole minute faster. The 12 week goal has again been revised. It is now a sub 12 minute 95 lb Fran. He did video some of the rounds so you can see it at


Jerry Hill said...

You are Awesome Katie!
Congrat's on your much deserved progress.

We are honored to have helped in your journey and grateful that you have helped in ours!
What a team!

Jerry Hill said...

I think I can upload this video to Viddler for you if you want - A much clearer and bigger screen. Let me know.
Or you might be able to go into blogger html and change the screen size. The wmv is amazing!


Katie said...

Thanks Jerry... it helps to have such an awesome coach in your corner... ;)

If you want to put the video through Viddler that would be ok with me. :) Thanks!

The Wigan Crossfitter said...

You've only been doing this a year??


What did you do before you found crossfit then?

3 months in for me..never looked back.

Jen said...

Awesome video, Katie. I think of how far I've come in only 3 months, as well as how frustrated I get sometimes, and realize that it's not going to happen overnight. If I stick with it, the hindu pushups are going to suck less, I might be able to do 1 chest to deck push up, and 1 strict pull up by Xmas. And by my 1 yr anniv, maybe I'll be doing 2 pull ups! Way to work hard.

Katie said...

Thanks guys! I really appreciate all the support. I can't wait for our second anniversary! Maybe a muscle up by then? ;)

Justa said...


Your progress on all fronts in one year is truly remarkable. It's hard to believe the woman at the beginning of the video is the same one at the end. Thank Crossfit, but thank yourself too. You put in the effort and hard work to get where you are today. You should be very proud of your ongoing accomplishments.

You and your sweetheart have a fantastic anniversary.


Isn't it great that CF doesn't steal your blankets while you sleep??

Justa said...

Oh...and good luck on the first day back!

Katie said...

Justa, I won't kick CF out of the bed for eating crackers if you know what I mean! :)

Adrienne said...

What a beautiful story of true love and proof that real love really does feel good!


Darcy D2 said...

It's amazing what one can accomplish in only one year. Your threatening my Fran time :)