Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I dare something to try to kill me!

I'm sorry for the delay in my ramblings, but I wanted to leave my video as the first post for a little while longer. I really wanted people to see that video. I'm so proud of all the ladies who work out with me, and I'm so glad to be a part of this crew. They have all come so far, even those who have just joined us. They truly deserve every moment they get in the spotlight. And as an aside ladies, I hope you realize that Jerry sent an email to his subscribership about that video. To date, you have been watched over 700 times. You have inspired others over 700 times. You have made 700 people realize that strong IS beautiful. I say that's pretty damned cool.

Now, yesterday, just because I was on a video high, that doesn't mean that I wasn't working it. Oh no no no. Jerry brought the pain by setting up the CrossFit.com WOD from Saturday. Before the workout, we were having a discussion about toxic water bottles and supposedly how a certain type of plastic promotes leeching. Chriss response was great as he threw out the great blog title for today when he said, "I dare something to try to kill me!" Now, I have to say, that that workout was pretty f'ing close to doing it, at least to me. God. I freaking hurt the whole time. There was no recovery. Really. I know we were supposed to rest after each interval, but shit. I was breathing so hard I couldn't recover. I got on the rower each time STILL smoked. But, despite how badly I really suck on the rower, I actually had some of the faster ladies times yesterday, so that felt pretty good.

If you didn't check out the WOD on the main site, it looked like this:
Row 1,000 Meters
21 Thrusters
15 Pull-ups

Row 750 Meters
18 Thrusters
12 Pull-ups

Row 500 Meters
15 Thrusters
9 Pull-ups

My times went a little something like this:
Round 1 7:43
Round 2 6:02
Round 3 4:35

I was gassed after this. Flat out gassed. I sat in the chair and did not move during the 0645 class. This was wicked. Hands down one of the worst workouts I have done. I love the epics. I can just gut through them. The short intervals where it's a full on sprint tear me up. Just can't hack it. :P So anyway, that was yesterday.

Today was another little beast of a workout that Jerry put together. You know, someone once asked me in a comment if Jerry has a little lab where he sits and puts these workouts together. To be honest, I am starting to think he must. He is some sort of evil CrossFit genius. The man's workouts tear me to pieces, but I keep getting stronger. So, whether it's a lab or not, I don't know, but it works. Although, it'd be interesting to see an evil CrossFit lab. Hmmmm... I'm envisioning it now... LOL. Anyhoo, I'm rambling... go figure. Today's craptasticness looked a little something like this.

"Cleanin' up the Clean"
10 minutes of clean progression
Modified dead lifts
Elbow whip

5 rounds for time
12 Hang power cleans
24 Push-ups
48 Squats

Seriously, I had to laugh when we were warming up and Jerry started talking about the Cowbell scence from Saturday Night Live, and then comparing it to the clean by telling us that he needed more elbow whip. So Jerry, I have to tell you. "I have a fever... and the only cure, is MORE ELBOW WHIP!!!" ;) But seriously, after that I stopped laughing cause this one HURT. Dude, after that day of rowing and thrusters... aw man... just brutal. I have scrapes and bruises everywhere. My collar bone looks AWESOME right now. Totally looks like I've been making out with every guy on the block! Sweet... I look like the village bicycle... :P I brought this in in 26:51. The thing that held me up was the push-ups. Can I just tell you though, after all the work I've done on my squats, they finally started to come together today. I was hitting sets of 26-30 squats at a time, which definitely helped make up for my shitty push-up times. This would have been a lot faster had I listened to Jerry and modified this a little. Instead of doing 5 rounds, do 10, and make everything half. I thought that was a good idea too, but felt like it was sort of cheating. Doing 24 push-ups straight has to be harder, and it was a good challenge for me today I think. Maybe if we do this again though, I'll break it down and really go for speed. Aside from cracking myself in the collar bone a few dozen times today, the cleans felt pretty solid. As a side note though, my legs have put in a request that I start wearing pants on clean days. The bruises and missing skin may have something to do with it. I literally covered my legs in chalk today to keep the bar moving and to stop it from sticking or ripping off skin as it went. As it is, I still have wicked marks from the bar... ouch dude. But a solid two days worth of work.

Grip still hurts a bit.... will rest Thursday. Chins test on Friday... :) Going for my week 4 goal of 26 on my way to my week 12 goal of 30. Let's hope I can hang on or everyone gets a funishment workout!!!


The Wigan Crossfitter said...

That looks a killer!

Did you do the 15k run last week? I'm glad I was away for that one.

Katie said...

No... I didn't... I probably should have to train for the 1/2... but I didn't... :P

Justa said...

These sound like two really fun workouts. Too bad I'm going easy for a week or two...or is it?

Brad said...

Good job on the row/thruster/pullup workout. It was brutal!

Forts said...

Good luck on meeting that goal, isn't it great being addicted to always waning to do better and push ourselves father?