Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some thoughts on the year...

After I put together my video the other day, I got to thinking about the last year I have spent with CrossFit. Everyone always thanks Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, etc. for all the things they learned, and this got me to thinking. What have I learned at CrossFit? And the reality is that the last year I've spent with CrossFit has been one of the best learning experiences I could ask for. Everything I need to know about life, I learned at CrossFit... ;)

Lesson 1- There are varying levels of pain. There is "Ow I stubbed my toe kind of pain", and then there is the "I'm dying because I just did Fran" kind of pain. I have learned however, that I can survive both. Pain is temporary, and pride in yourself for not giving up lasts a lot longer.

Lesson 2- Judging workouts by how they look on the board is a bad idea. BAD.

Lesson 3- Doing burpees or walking lunges on concrete or pavement is a bad idea. BAD.

Lesson 4- I am stronger than I think I am. There are appropriate times to quit things, like smoking, or when you are seriously injured and continuing would do more harm than good. However, there are also inappropriate times to quit, such as when you think you just can't and you are too tired. I have only ever DNF'd on 1 CF workout. I think that says something about that little mind I've got upstairs.

Lesson 5- Fran is more brutal than she looks.

Lesson 6- "Party with the Girls" is not really a party at all. In fact, it sucks.

Lesson 7- Finding the ability to take pride in ones work is well worth the effort it takes to find your self confidence.

Lesson 8- It is a lot easier to do kipping pull-ups when you weigh 20 lbs less.

Lesson 9- Jerry really DOES have an evil CrossFit lab in his basement.

Lesson 10- The cameraderie I have found in the Blue Room is not something I will ever find anywhere else. The people that I CrossFit with are all top notch.

Lesson 11- I will have dreams/nightmares that involve workouts and Jerry yelling 3-2-1 Go!

Lesson 12- People staring at you while you are working out is a good thing. It means they are wondering how the hell they can be like you!

Lesson 13- Blisters will heal, wounds will eventually stop bleeding, horizontal love lines will fade, injuries will eventually subside... and I will continue to progress.

Lesson 14- Rest is important (like if you've ever decided to stay out too late having a few too many and doing pistol squats in a dress and heels).

Lesson 15- Sometimes it's ok to have an off day.

Lesson 16- You can't PR everyday.

Lesson 17- All you can give at any one moment, is all you've got, and somedays, it just ain't that much.

Lesson 18- In keeping with that theory, sometimes you just get points for showing up!

Lesson 19- CFOT is home to the smoothest burpees ever... they're like butta!

Lesson 20- CFOT women are strong... don't meet them in a dark alley.

Lesson 21- If the title of the workout sounds bad, the workout itself is probably far worse.

Lesson 22- Creating workouts with cool names is fun and a great way to procrastinate or distract yourself in staff meetings.

Lesson 23- Coach Glassman is the smartest man alive.

Lesson 24- The CF website is does wonders for my libido... mmmmm shirtless men. ;)

Lesson 25- There is no subsitute for CrossFit.

All joking aside, this year has been tremendous for me. I have never been a person with a lot of self-confidence, especially being slightly overweight. CrossFit gave me a place I could call home, when I had just lost the only place in Virginia where I felt at home. They gave me an environment where I could be myself and make mistakes and learn, but also succeed and grow. Watching that video and seeing how far I've come makes me feel proud of myself in a way I've never felt before. When you look at yourself in the mirror everyday, sometimes it's hard to see the changes in yourself. Until making that video, I really didn't realize how much has changed. But, I never quit on myself, and I didn't give up, much as sometimes I wanted to. As a college athlete, I was never a star... I never accomplished much, and I didn't feel as if I really belonged to my team. CFOT has given me something I have never had, and even though I go to get my butt kicked, I feel great afterwards knowing that I'm doing something good for myself. I wouldn't trade CF for anything in the world. It's been a year well spent.


Justa said...

I'm not going to rewrite what I wrote when you posted the video. You've done an amazing job, Katie. These lessons you've learned will be with you all of your life. We are almost always stronger than we think we can be. We just have to decide to do it.

Just imagine what the video is going to look like a year from now!

J said...

to celebrate your first anniversary, I´ve published on my site another of your posts, Lo que realmente sorprende de CrossFit

Katie said...

Aww... muchas gracias Jaime! Si quieres, puedes usar el video tambien. Esta en Viddler en el site de CFOT. Entonces puedes ponerlo en tu pagina... pues solo si tu quieres. Esta bajo de videos... tiene un... uh... no se la palabra pero el (background) esta rosado.