Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cindy Sandwich...

Lately Jerry has been throwing a lot of really gross workouts our way, but they've mostly been from area sectionals. On Wednesday, Jerry put together this little number which made me feel like a giant pile of poo. Needless to say that after sectionals, I really never want to see Cindy again... so the fact that it sort of came up was really super disheartening. The wod Jerry threw together looked like this...

AMRAP 6 Minutes
With a continuous running clock go immediately to
18 minutes to find 1RM push press
At 18 minute cap with continuously running clock go immediately back to
AMRAP in 6 Minutes

This was seriously just gross all around. I'm still extremely weak in my triceps from the whole sectionals thing, and the push-ups on here were so slow it was ridiculous. I understand that it takes a little while to recover from rhabdo, but I was really thinking the rebound would be faster than that. I really didn't feel like I was moving anywhere on the push-ups and this time I wasn't even wearing a weight vest. Doing sets of 2/3 was hard. At this point, I'm not feeling very confident about regionals in a few weeks.

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