Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A throwback...

Can you find me in this photo?

Sometimes we all have those days. Those days where we know where we want to be, but we just can't seem to get there. We can so clearly see our goal, but yet we're just not there and it seems completely unattainable. Yup, these days suck, and are utterly frustrating. It's easy to get down. It's easy to wonder why things aren't happening the way you'd like. It's easy to hate life for awhile. It's also really easy to lose focus.

I wholeheartedly admit that for me these days, CrossFit seems to be more a mental thing for me. I have been losing my perspective more and more. As I progress, I seem to forget how far I've come and that now that I've come THIS far, progress will be slower, it will be harder fought. It will not come as quickly as it once did. So, this post is to serve as a reminder. I called it a throwback because I am going back to the beginning. I want these pictures to remind me of how far I've come. A reminder that the journey is long and far from over.


Justa said...

The journey is never over Katie. What would be the fun of that? With each destination reached, there is ahead a journey to the next one. In fact, I like to think of the journey as the destination, grasshopper.

tamikamaria said...

Never, never, never forget the work you have put in to get where you are. I think the work is where you find what you are really made of. The glory of winning the game is great, but the effort and the journey to get there is much more interesting and that is your foundation.

When I was a newbie martial artist our Master asked a group of us "Do you want to know the secret to getting a black belt?" Of course we did, we all thought we were going to be partaking in some ancient, mystical secret. He said "Sweat." and walked off.

I didn't understand it then, but I do now.

Katie said...

Justa, you are 99% right. At some point, we die and the journey is forced to end, but for the most part... you are right... the journey is fun, but it's easy to lose sight of things along the way. Especially as CF'ers... we're extremely competitive and we seem to all want things to come easily, and above all, come NOW! I have to keep reminding myself that in October, I couldn't do a single double under. I can do them now, but they are weak. However, I can DO them.

Tami, you are sooooo right. I felt that way 100% after sectionals, but a mere three weeks later and the double unders have me going WTF?!?!? Trying to keep perspective... thanks for poppin' in... :)