Saturday, April 24, 2010

Return of the goat...

Is this like "Return of the Mack"?

I took a rest day on Wednesday just because my behind was dragging. I hit two 15 hour days back to back and was scheduled to have another one on Wednesday, so I was a little apprehensive about starting the day at 0400. So I got back to the box on Thursday and Friday, and I really have to say I think Jerry is an evil man. Ok, so maybe he's not some horrible terrible guy, but this week SUCKED.

It's like Jerry looked at my goat list and was like, "I'm going to put every one of Katie's goats in a wod this week.... mwuahahahahahah." I swear, that had to be how it went. Everyday this week it was something. Deadlifts,burpees, running, l-sit pull-ups, ring dips... eeep! Everything I SUCK at. I literally had to FORCE myself to go to the box this week. Normally I really enjoy being in the box, but when you suck at the things that come up in the wods, it's really hard to feel motivated to go. I went basically because of regionals. Had I not needed to train for regionals, I probably wouldn't have gone to the box much at all this week. Because, in addition to the suck factor, I am feeling very burnt out.

I'm sure that everyone feels that way sometimes, and I think the combination of the things in my life at the moment is just adding to that. So I think after regionals that some time away from CF will be good for me to recharge batteries and maybe get back to a more healthy frame of mind regarding exercise and working out. Sometimes we all need a break, and I'm thinking it's my time. I'm also thinking after watching my sister swim today that I kind of miss the water and so perhaps some cross training may be coming down the pike. Perhaps it will keep me from getting too burnt out. If I mix it up... it might be a good thing! Who knows... I'll be sure to blog about it though... :)

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LessLacie said...

Lmao! I think your Jerry needs to meet my Cameron! It sounds like they would be good friends! Thanks for the post! Very true!