Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It didn't look that bad on paper...

Dear Katie,

I would just like to tell you that you are a big giant terd burglar, and that you really ought to stop judging books by their covers. Seriously. You write all these rules and funny things about CrossFit, and then you totally ignore what you write. You are a pretty big dork sometimes, you know? What number is it on the "Don'ts of CrossFit" list? I forget, but you wrote, "If it looks easy on paper, be afraid." And what did you do yesterday huh?

You saw the wod, said, "This doesn't look that bad" and then came into the box and got your BUUUUUUTTTTTT WHOOPED! Serves you right for judging my wods by their covers. You need to learn to take your own advice butthead and stop being a terd burglar. And if you don't , I will just continue to punish you and program double unders, running, and push-ups everyday. You've been warned!

Love you long time,


Dear CrossFit,





Ok, so just MAYBE CrossFit didn't really write me a letter and tell me to stop being all sorts of silly and stupid, but they probably ought to. I saw the workout, thought, this doesn't look too bad, and then got my @ss handed to me BIG TIME. It was seriously painful. After the pull-ups, I just felt all sorts of awful. The WOD looked like this.

10 L-sit pull-ups
6 snatches 85lbs/135lbs
400 M run

Ummmmmmmmmm... about this wod and the THIRTY-TWO MINUTES it took me to do it! Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............................ UNCLE?!?!?!

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Justa said...

Yessir, Katie. Those ones that you think will be a breeze end up being the worst. How the hell does that happen? And yet, it does. Every time.