Sunday, April 11, 2010

Un'chain'ed melody!

I got to the box on Saturday and realized that Jerry was going to let us play with the chains again. There are lots of different science-y reasons for putting the chains on the bar, but I just like how it looks! (And sounds! It sounds pretty badass!) Our workout was

Every 3 minutes complete
2 reps BS @ 80% of 1RM

My 1RM BS is 225. So I took 180 and decided that that would be my working weight for the day. I can assure you that I thought that it would be rather light, I mean, after all, it IS almost 50 lbs less than my 1 RM. However, I failed to factor in that whole 'chains' thing. Oops.

The chains supposedly weigh another 43lbs. Soooooooo did I really just lift my 1RM essentially 12 times? I think so... sorta... I mean... it's not exactly on the bar, but it is on the bar... it sort of trails just a smidge on the ground, then it's not on the ground when you come up... so yes?!? I guess?

I don't know really, but what I DO know is that I felt that fo' sho' the next day.... wooooo! Walking around yesterday at work I thought my arse was going to fall off it hurt so bad! Note to self, do not do so many heavy backsquats in the near future! Zoinks Shaggy!


Jerry Hill said...

I love the new blog layout!

Sean said...

DANG DUDE! This blog looks GOOOOD!