Tuesday, April 13, 2010

CrossFit readers: I need YOU!

Regionals are coming. In fact they are coming like a freight train..... they will literally be here before I know it. So I need some help. If you were on board for the sectionals, you know that I planned multiple outfits to match the different wods. It was a way to keep my mind from focusing too much on the pain that was to come, and just a way to well, HAVE FUN. Unfortunately, my creativity has sort of run out, so I'm looking for ideas.

For sectionals, there was a Penn State outfit, a Steelers outfit, a throwback outfit (I wore my 1/2 marathon shirt/short combo that had well wishes written all over it), and there was the infamous glitter outfit... oi vey.

But, here I am, 3 weeks out from regionals now, and my wardrobe is lacking. I have no plan, and I'm totally bummed. So I need some fresh ideas to spice up my wardrobe for regionals. I'd love to hear some thoughts/comments on what you think I should wear. I'm not one to 'bare all' so please don't even suggest a sports bra and tight shorts. That's totally not me. But all other intersting ideas will be contemplated! :)


Justa said...

And here I was flipping through the Victoria's Secret catalog...just to help you out, mind you, and you had to go ahead and ruin it with that last line. Dammit!

Katie said...

Sorry Justa, but I don't think that lingerie would be the best choice for the middle of the woods in Ohio... :P