Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another one of Katie's Lists...

As I was reading back over my blogs from the past few weeks, I've noticed a trend. Aside from the "my life is spinning wildly out of control" trend that seems to exist, I also seem to have this trend of doing a lot of things that I constitute as being "really bad ideas". So, since I'm all about helping other people, I've compiled a list. A list of really bad ideas of things you shouldn't do. Let my experiences be a lesson in health and safety for you all!

Katie's List of Really Bad Ideas That You Would Do Well NOT To Do


*Tap the cage- If that animal gets out, oh man it's going to be really mad at you

*Tempt an alligator with a steak- I didn't do this one, but I watched it on Animal Planet and I swear, that dude almost lost his arm

*Jerk/press the bar into your chin or nose- It smarts! Keep the bar close, yes that's the idea, but get your head back and OUT of the way.

*Step out of the resistance band prematurely- Make sure that thing is under control first. Boys, the last thing you want is for that thing to snap a little too high.

*Ask Jerry if you should add more weight- You'll regret this later

*Buy your own jump rope-I've been having nightmares about double unders. I've also started practicing in weird places. Not all places are equally good for double unders... like when the ceiling is too low. Ooops. Sorry about that.

*Ride the bar down to the floor on your neck- Bail out FAIL!

*Put a hand chalk print on someone's butt- Unless you're sure of a few things.... a)you can outrun them 2)there is no significant other waiting to pound your face

*Waste your time watching Housewives of Atlanta- Tardy for the party is a godawful song... I want that 30 minutes of my life back.

*Worry about everyone else on the white board- I struggle with this too, but your progress is your progress so be proud damnit! Flaunt your two pull-ups or first RX'd Fran. Hellz yeah!

*Run in the rain with glasses- Murph prep FAIL! I nearly bit it on a pothole!

*Go the LOLCatz site- You could waste hours there!

*Go to Again, you could waste hours there!

*Do Murph and Hansen in a three day time span- Ow!

*Forget to rest- Rest days are important and I'm regretting not taking one!

*Be afraid to scale the weight- Should not have done Hansen with the 53! My abs have still not recovered

*Clean the bar into your chestular area- Strap the ladies in!!!!

*Eat a cheesesteak, fries, nachos and beer in one sitting- You WILL regret this later, as will anyone who happens to be with you

*Forget to jump ON the box- Whoopsies!

*Forget to put the same amount of weight on BOTH sides of your bar- Awkward!

*Leave weight on one side of the bar and not the other while it's on a rack- I actually alomst impailed someone when the bar fell off. Sorry about that!

*Let Pete play Miley Cyrus- It causes team 0645 to become incensed with rage

*Forget to have fun- I've been forgetting this lately. It doesn't have to be fun to be fun!

*Forget to accessorize- Shiny shoes all the way!!!!!!

*Kick drywall- It will uh, you know, leave a hole? SONI!!!!

*Stop believin'- Hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeeeeeelin!


Erin said...

I like the list! :)

Emily said...

Great list. I love the LOL Cats site - it always makes me smile. Here are 2 other good time wasters: Cake Wrecks and It Made My Day.

Anonymous said...
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