Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Snatch master

Ha, haha, hahhaa.... I said snatch master. It never fails, snatch wod's cause me to resort to giggling like an 8 year old school girl. Hehe, snatch. Ok, alright fine. Enough.

Jerry gave us a pretty blistering wod yesterday, and seeing as I am now in the recovrey stages from the last two weeks, I opted to sleep in and hit class after school. I'm back to my normal schedule at the restaurant now which is 3 nights a week and not 6, so I have the freedom back to switch my schedule around a bit.

Today's wod was again one that didn't look horrific on paper, but once you started doing it, dude, it really f'ing sucked! I know, those are like the best ones, but I mean, really, I stopped moving, and I just kind of stood there. I mean, I didn't want to sit down because I was afraid I'd never get back up, so I just kind of wandered around for a bit. In a daze you might say.....

Today's wod was

3 heavy snatch
6 pull-ups
9 24" box jumps

I'm not sure why all of a sudden we need to start putting the weight on the boxes to make them higher, but I'm not really a fan of jumping even higher. I have short little legs and they really don't jump that well. I sort of remind myself of a basset hound. I have short stubby little legs. Except, I don't drool, at least I don't think I do, maybe in my sleep, and I don't bark. I do on ocassion growl, but that's only if you really irritate me... but anyhoo, moving on.

Back to the snatches.... :P Haha... My snatches today actually felt pretty good. I was using 85 lbs which is 25lbs less than my X1. It still felt pretty heavy though, and let me assure you, that by the time I was a few rounds in, I was so tired, that I seriously had to think about snatching. It wasn't automatic anymore. I was getting so winded from trying to hurry scurry through the box jumps that the snatches felt like trying to climb a mountain. No joke. This wod was seriously a burner and it was only 20 minutes!!!

I was upset with myself because at some point I lost count. I couldn't remember if I was finishing 7 or 8 so I'm not sure if I did 10 1/3 or 11 1/3 rounds. I would be more pleased if it was 11 1/3 but I think that it was 10 1/3. Oh well, what can you do? Another day, another brutal wod. And I already saw it, so I know I'm in for it after school today. Oi....


Angela Childress said...

I hate loosing count, it really throws me off. Way to go. I don't think I would be moving at the end of that one. I'd have to be peeled off the floor.



Tami C. said...

Sounds like a CF Football WOD, though they are usually not that long. Low reps, high weight, taller jumps = agony. (In a good way, of course.)

Nice job!

Justa said...

Okay class. Today, we will define the term:

"Snatch Master"

Oooh, ooh. I know, I know!!!