Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back it up!!!

Another day for the new shoes!!! I had an alarm clock FAIL yesterday morning, and so I was forced to make a choice. Hit CFOT after school, or bag the back squats. The last three times we've done BS I've missed them for one reason or another, so I couldn't bag 'em. I had to give 'em the old college try. So I took my new Buddy Lee jump rope (WOOOT!) and hit some DU's before our warm-up and then we jumped right in. The board said to warm up with a few light sets, and then attempt a 3 rep max and lower the weight. Usually we all do the opposite.

I understand the logic behind this type of lifting. Obviously you have more energy to find your true max early on as opposed to later, but at the same time, I don't like it, especially with back squats. The difference in how the weight feels doesn't make me confident. For me I have found that my lifting depends on how I feel. If I feel good warming up, the big weights will go up over. If not, too bad so sad, try another day. To go from such a light weight to a heavy one was really rough for me. It just didn't feel good. I didn't feel confident and that wrecked me. So we backed me down to lighter weight and worked up. I felt more confident jumping and doing singles, then tried for a new 3 rep max PR. I almost got it. Almost. I got 200X2, and halfway up on the 3rd on, I faultered. I lost core tension and started to lean forward and that was all she wrote. Andrea maintains she didn't really help me, but I know they did. It's ok though, I put up 205 X 1 and I put up 200X2. The 200X3 would have been nice though. :P

Regardless, don't you totally just love the new shoes!?!!? They are even better than the silver sequined ones. :) Now, just wait until I throw that 200lb jerk over my head with those babies on. Then they'll HAVE to respect the shiny shoes! :P

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