Friday, November 20, 2009

It's STRICTLY business...

So, finally. Finally after a week + of complete and total chaos, I have some free time. This is only due to the fact that I have taken the day off school, but that's totally irrelevant. I have free time... at least until 10:00 at which time the mall opens and I have shopping to do before heading to my sister's wedding this weekend. Totally and completely IRRELEVANT. :P

After work Wednesday and being on a 6 day run at the restaurant with a 3 day run Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of working all three jobs, I decided to sleep in yesterday morning. I decided to go to the box last night, and despite still being sore from the beating I took Tuesday, I decided to hit the strict presses. Jerry threw everything except the kitchen sink into Tuesday's wod, and I was feelin' it, but I knew that this weekend was booked, so four days needed to be done during the work week. So go I went.

I have to say that my strict form feels MUCH better than it used to. The thing to keep in mind with the strict press is that the second you move that bar AWAY from your face, you've sort of just screwed yourself. By pushing away instead of straight up, you're losing all the momentum you just created. It's a totally different beast. You need to give yourself a very unattractive double chin, and think turtle. Pull your head back into your shell and get it out of the way. Then with the bar rested in a good rack, you're ready to toss that puppy over your head without pushing it away out in front of you. I feel like I've really dialed in on this part of the press. I can still work more on getting my legs even tighter I think, but my top half of my press felt good.

I was able to do more than I thought I would and my lifts looked like this.


I found this lift today interesting because my X1 is only 94. Why can I get so close to my X1 for 5 but yet I can't seem to break 94 for 1? I don't know. It's weird. I really have my eye on that 100lb mark. I know I'm getting close. I know it. I want it. I feel like for me, that's straight up legit if I can strict 100 lbs. Inching my way closer.... maybe X1 stricts will come up soon... maybe JERKS will come up soon... MAYBE?!?!?!? MAYBE JERRY!?!?!?!?!?! :) I hearts you! :)

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Angela Childress said...

Rest up and have some fun this weekend!

Yes it can be frustrating getting so close to that pr. But you're close, and that might mean you'll do just a little bit better next time it comes around