Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm so behind...

I really had the best intentions of catching all these blogs up this week, but I'm so behind, that I barely remember the wods! This week has been a mish mash of insanity with me working 12+ hours everyday. This has not led to me getting much of anything done besides things that are work related. My laundry is again piling in the corner, and my house is again a trainwreck. Monday and Tuesday are the official days of parent teacher conferences but I started early this week. I've done 8 of my 26 so far, so I've got a good start, however, I need to finish typing information on my PM kids so that my co teachers can pass that during their conferences with their parents. Make sense? Don't worry, it doesn't make sense unless you're doing it, and even then, sometimes it doesn't make sense.

My report cards are due on Tuesday at 900 which doesn't make any sense to me either. We have 2 teacher work days, but yet, our report cards are due at the start of the second work day when most of us have conferences the day before... does that make sense to anyone? No? Me either. So anyway, needless to say, blogging took a hit this week because I've just been too busy trying to wrap up this quarter. After these next few days though, I should slow down immensely and get back on track!

Good news is that I was still able to get to the box three days this week despite the insanity, although on Thursday I gave myself one hell of a scare with a bad bailout. We were doing behind the neck push presses and I was tired. My final attempt at 135 I realized wasn't going to go up so I went to bring it back down on my neck. Well I guess I was leaning my weight forward cause I started to fall a bit, and I started to bend over. I could stand back up straight (after all it was 135 extra pounds) and was going to roll it over my head but realized that wasn't a good idea with 135lbs either. So I wound up keeping it on my neck pretty much and kneeling until I was on the floor and then bending over until the bar was on the floor. Once the bumper plates were on the floor I was able to wiggle out from under the bar. I will tell you, it didn't hurt much at the time, it scared the crap out of me more than anything though. I woke up Friday though and my neck was SORE. Apparently your neck is not designed to withstand that much intense pressure. :P

So, as a result, I skipped Friday and then went apple picking/wine tasting yesterday and so only got three days at the box. Yesterday wound up being a beautiful day and it was perfect for being outside. The apple orchard had homemade apple butter and homemade cider and caramel apples they made right in front of you. Yum. It was a very tasty day. After that, we headed over to Three Fox Vineyard, which is my favorite in the area. I love their decor and their wine. It's a wonderful place to sit and chat and enjoy some wine. The only unfortunate thing is that it's about an hour away so you need to be VERY careful about how much wine you have before driving back to DC. :P But regardless, it was a very relaxing day and much needed. We finished it with an excursion to DSW for some new shoes and we were amazed by the traffic we hit. Why so much traffic? Well DSW is close to a Party City. And lo and behold, they had to have a police officer at Party City to keep the natives from getting too restless. Unbelievable. It was the perfect end to a very fun day though. Not to mention, a MUCH needed relaxing day.

In other good news, I got a jump rope, and it's here. Sort of. They wouldn't deliver it yesterday (well no duh, school's closed) so it's at the post office and I need to go pick it up. :) Yay. :) So now I can use my fancy new Buddy Lee jump rope to help me get double unders. Let's hope I get them anyway. :P

And finally in Katie news, I got a new pair of lifting shoes while at DSW yesterday. Jerry better program a strength wod tomorrow so everyone can see them! :P Haha! :) So, yes, hopefully after tomorrow and Tuesday, life will be back to normal... well as normal as my life can be anyway! :P


Emily said...

I know this question isn't related to CF but where did you go apple picking?

Katie said...

Emily, non CF related questions are perfectly ok! We went to an orchard out in Markham, VA called Hartland Orchard. Since it's basically the end of the season, we had the "tops and drops". Apples have either fallen and you need to sort through them, or they are at the tops of the trees. With all the rain, very few were still on the trees. But, they make homemade cider, apple butter, and their very own caramel apples..... aahhhhhhh.... sorry drooled for a minute! :) On the way back there are six or seven wineries right off of 66 so we stopped at 3 Fox because it's my favorite! It's a really nice day trip! :)