Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It must be the shoes!

So, I got to break out my new shoes yesterday! :) It's the small things in life that make me happy... :P Jerry has been throwin' down with some serious short metcons that have included barbell work lately, and I have to say, I'm all about it. I love me some metcon with barbells. It's dee-licious! :) I was sad that I'm still unable to do muscle ups and had to sub, but this was actually a good workout for me. I felt pretty solid. I waffled a little here and there on some of the snatches but I had a hard time keeping core tension breathing the way I was. :P Imagine that, it's hard keeping a tight core when you can't breathe... :P

3 snatches (85)
6 lou burpees (2x push-ups)
9 24" box jumps

I jokingly wrote in the title that this wod was all about the shoes, but I really actually felt good on the boxes today so I can't help but wonder if it's not all about the shoes. No really. I know I keep talking about them too, so I'll have to get a picture up soon! :) I just felt really bouncy today. They're Converse so I nkow there's no cushion but for whatever reason, today they just seemed to work for me. Normally I'm very slow at box jumps and the force really hurts my knees. Whatever it was, today I was sort of flyin'. I'm sure the metcon/push-up ninjas can finish this in 6 something, but for me not being Speedy McSpeederson, I was happy with this. It was a while back I think, but I likened myself more to a draft horse. I'll give you lots and lots of good work, and I'll just keep going for awhile, but don't ask me to do it fast. I just seem to have one gear. :P But it sort of feels like maybe I'm finding a second gear lately. Still not super super fast, but faster than before. It never gets easier, no no, but it is seeming to get a little faster anyway. :P It must be the shoes! :)

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