Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When the big things get in the way, enjoy the smaller ones...

I'm sure that in all of our lives, there are times where things just seem to overwhelm us. These "big" things, seem to run our lives, dictate or attitudes, and in general, turn us into people we don't want to be.

I'll be the first to admit that in looking through my blog and over my FB, I've realized the big things are really blocking my path these days. Lots of really "down" sounding days, and lots of stormy rain clouds seeming to hang over my head and my posts.

It's hard to see around the big things when they get in your way. For me, work things and relationship issues have been simply plaguing me. But, I'm tired of letting the big things get in the way of all the good stuff. Just because the big things are big, doesn't mean they should get to run the place. I had to walk to get my car today because it was in the shop, and you know what I realized as I was walking? It's gorgeous out today! The leaves are drying out from all the rain, they crackle now when you walk on them, the sun is shining, the temperature is just right for fall. It's a wonderful day. It's a small thing. But it made me smile. It made my day a little better.

I'm realizing that when the big things seem insurmountable, sometimes you need to keep finding the small things because you know, lots of little teeny tiny things, eventually add up. I'm hoping that eventually, the small things will add up, and I'll realize that the small things are more important than the big ones anyway. The scarey thing about this blog, it's public and ANYONE can read it. The neat thing about this blog? I'm able to watch my journey. I can go back and reread now YEARS of wod's and personal moments. It's pretty cool actually. I'd like to think that I'm turning a corner. I'd like to think that this getting back to me is the start of an upswing but only time will tell. Thank goodness my blog doesn't have an expiration date! :P Just in case though anyone reading has been feeling like me... here's a list of small things to smile about and enjoy today. :)

* Good coffee (Starbucks holiday flavors returned TODAY! MMM peppermint mocha!)
* Warm apple cider with cinamon
* A good book
* Michael Buble (he's dreamy)
* Car tunes (you know, the ones you rock out to and belt at the top of your lungs)
* Slippers (mine are ladybugs, with antennae.. be very jealous, even though the
anntenae are slightly broken)
* Fleecy pants (they're just too comfy for words!)

Go... try one... I bet it makes you smile... if for no other reason than because I'm sorta kinda crazy and you had to laugh at me!


Emily said...

Here's what made me smile a bit today:
-watching people run...and I mean HAUL a$$ 1/2 a block (or more) to catch the crosswalk as the timer ticks away seconds
-obese pigeons. Injured or one-legged (even better) pigeons
-slipping on my slippers after work. They are leopard print which is so not me
-listening to Miley Cyrus in the car and nodding my head like yeah.

Katie said...
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Katie said...

Emily did you put your hands up and let the butterflies fly away too? ;)

The pigeons thing is funny... have you ever seen obese squirrels?!?!?

Emily said...

With Miley I only get as far as nodding my head. Still haven't listed to the entire song.
I haven't seen obese squirrels but had a friend see a squirrel with a huge dingle-berry stuck on its butt!