Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nice RAK!

I know I spelled that wrong sillies. I did it on purpose! RAK stands for random acts of kindness. I've been working all three jobs the last three days, and I have hit the box, but just have not had any time to myself in which to write. I've barely had time to make lessons for school and grade papers and sleep let alone do anything enjoyable. But regardless, I wanted to put this up because over the last few days, I've seen a lot of nice RAKs. I know. It sounds funny, that's why I keep saying it... duh! :P First off, on Tuesday night, I was put on a party at work with another server. It was 36 people and they were ordering off a set menu, but when they came in the woman in charge said they could basically do whatever they wanted. They all decided to start ordering drinks and appetizers, in addition to their meals, and they quickly racked up a pretty sizeable check. SOP for us is to add 18% to parties larger than 6, so when she asked for the check we had already included gratuity. When the other server handed her the check, she told us we were going to need to adjust it. Our hearts sort of sank thinking she was upset about the 18%. Believe it or not, some folks are. But, that quickly turned around when she then said it wasn't enough and added an additional $100 to the gratutity. With all the irons I have in the fire right now, that extra money was so needed and so helpful, I really just wanted to kiss the woman. It wasn't necessary, but she did it, and I was very appreciative. To the folks, in particular Sam, from Georgia Pacific east coast region, THANK YOU!

Now, again, last night I was at work. We were actually a little busy, which hasn't happened on a week night in a few weeks. I had a couple, probably mid-late twenties. He was dressed in an army uniform and was very obviously doting on his girlfriend. In my mind, being that I'm slightly jaded towards the military now, I was thinking he was trying to make up for being an ass at some point, probably cheating on her, but regardless he was being very nice. There was a single businessman sitting at a table near them, and when the time came for his check he told me that for some reason he felt he should really pay for their dinner. I told him that wouldn't be a problem and that I could simply ignore the credit authorization on the couple's check and close it out to his. When I told the gentleman at the table that the businessman was paying his check, he acted a bit like an idiot and was like, why? I told him I didn't know but that his dinner was already paid for. Regardless though, it was a very nice RAK.

So, despite the ass kicking I'm taking these days, it's still nice to see some bright spots around. Has anyone else had a nice RAK this week?


Jenn / Bing said...

Hi Katie - I briefly met you at the Hopper... 2 weeks ago in San Fran, I told a lady I liked her sweater, while at dinner with about 13 other woman. She came in and paid our bill... it was amazing! All from a simple little compliment!

Katie said...

Jenn! Thanks so much for leaving me a comment! That's awesome! She bought dinner for all 13 of you? Holy cow! I'm glad you have such a nice RAK to share! ;) Tehe... yes part of the reason I made this post was really so I could just keep saying that! :)

Mark said...

Some waitress paid for my beer the other week when I came into their restaurant alone to vent about the CFOT Hopper. Nice RAK!

Katie said...

Ha! You've just been waiting for a chance to tell me I have a nice RAK without getting in trouble! :P LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL