Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day: Honoring those who have served or are serving

Dear God,

I understand the need to acknowlege our military members. I think Veteran's Day is an important holiday and one that we need to have. Our servicemen and women have an important job defending our country and keeping our citizens safe. However, our hero wod, Hensen, just seriously put me in the hurt locker. Doing 5 rounds in 44:59 of 30 kb swings with 53 lbs, 30 burpees, and 30 GHD sit-ups was just brutual. If you could arrange it so that now I do not need to move for the rest of the day, that would be wonderful. Thanks.


PS- If you could arrange to keep me alive without me breathing for the day, that would be great, as breathing hurts now too. I have the utmost appreciation for your consideration.

All joking aside, Veteran's Day is an opportunity to honor those brave men and women who defend or have defended our country and our freedoms. Very often they are the unsung heroes. Sort of like the stage crew in a big Broadway production. They do a lot of work that very rarely gets recognized or seen. Regardless though, without them, the show would not go on. It doesn't matter if there's a lead actor or actress. Without some serious backstage support, all their singing and acting would be for naught. Without our servicemen and women, we wouldn't be able to go on. Without the protection of our freedoms, our lives would all be EXTREMELY different.

I understand that it is a small price to pay to suffer through a hero wod today. But, if it helps to let our servicemen and women know that we appreciate them, then I'm all for it. (aside from the crippling pain afterwards... I'm not necessarily all for that!:P) All joking aside though, to all the men and women who have served or are serving, God Bless and THANK YOU!

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