Friday, November 6, 2009

Soreness leads to resting which leads straight into a state of Grace...

So yesterday was a good 'ole fashioned rest day. Yup. A rest day. I was really tempted to go in when I saw that the wod had moderately heavy deads and GHD's in it, but I was pretty sore from that blistering Wod we hit on Wednesday. Holy cow. So Jerry didn't put a clock on Wednesday's wod, but told us there was a 20 minute time limit. So basically, when you broke it down, there was about 2 minutes for each exercise, and 4 minutes per round (yes there were five rounds... good math!).

So here's what it looked like
max strict press 55 lbs
max strict chins

Record highest round and total

So my total for the strict press was 75 and my highest round for strict chins was 5. This wod was one of those where your forearms get kind of frid and you feel like your arms kind of want to fall off... yeah. One of those, so needless to say, after working late Wednesday plus that wod, I just had to take Thursday as a rest day. Besides, 3 on, 1 off right? Well, I rested right into First Friday. And you know, most first Friday's I do Josh because it's an opportunity for me to work overhead squats. I love that wod. OHS and pull-ups. Yum. But, you know, I wasn't really feeling Josh for some reason on Friday. I was thinking of mixing it up. So I was thinking that I've never done Grace as prescribed. The only times I've done Grace I've done uber rx'd. Last year during the Grace challenge I did it with 100lbs, and then once before that, I let Jerry talk me into doing it with 115. So, I wanted to see what would happen if I did Grace with 85lbs.

So, I warmed up and jumped on the clock at 8 minutes into First Friday. I finished at 10:44. Yup. Grace in 2:44. That's pretty smokin. At least I think it is. I'm sure there are ladies and gents who can do it faster, but I thought that was pretty doggone good. The last few I was doing as singles, so I think I could easily do this in 2:30 if I stop doing singles, but I did the first 12 no break and I think that messed me up a bit. I was really winded for the last 6 or 7. I really should have gritted through more. But afterwards, since the wod was so short, I was thinking of hitting Josh anyway. But as I was warming up, my OHS just didn't feel good. I was having a hard time staying stable and my OHS just was off. So Jerry said, "Why don't you do Isabelle?"

I couldn't really think of a reason not to or a reason to argue with Jerry, so I turned around, pulled some weight off the bar to hit a few snatches and then went for an rx'd Isabelle. I was already gassed at this point, and so really it was like doing 30 singles. I couldn't tie any of the snatches together, but regardless, I gritted through with minimal rest, meaning, I didn't put my hands on my legs and rest a whole lot. I kept chasing the bar and kept at it. I did this in 8:29. Not great, not bad, but room for improvement of course. Maybe next month I'll start with Isabelle and finish with Grace.... :P Regardless, I was really happy with the Grace wod, and proud of myself for slugging through Isabelle. It was another good First Friday!

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