Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hope you can hold a fork tomorrow...

Jerry has this habit of really enjoying torturing us around holidays, especially ones that involve a large amount of eating! :P Monday's AMRAP snatch wod was pretty brutal, and despite my plan to make it after swimming on Tuesday, I did not get to the box. So, since I knew we were going to be closed on Thanksgiving and Friday, I needed to get in. So, up and at 'em I was to get my butt spanked first thing on Wednesday morning.

The WOD looked a bit like 'dis.

33 OHS, 1 rope climb
33 GHD, 1 rope climb
33 Thrusters, 1 rope climb
33 GHD, 1 rope climb
33 Front squats, 1 rope climb
33 GHD, 1 rope climb

Ok, honestly. Just looking at that, I knew it was going to suck. Doing it, I was unaware of how much it was going to suck. I banged out the OHS pretty quickly. I didn't drop until 26. I was hoping to go all 33 with no drops, but at 26, the snatch wod caught up with me. I was really sore in the shoulders and holding up the bar was just too much. The weight for all BB exercises was 65, which isn't a lot but high reps + 65lbs + rope climbs = PAIN!!! If the bb didn't gas you, there was the rope climb to tear your legs to shreds and make you even more gassed. The worst of all were the 33 thrusters. I swear I must have dropped them at least 10 times. I was doing sets of 2 and 3. It was terrible!

I hurt so badly after this that going to work really sucked! I was going to run the Alexandria Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, but after the wod and after work on Wednesday night, no way Jose!!! I was too sore. But, on a happy note, I did this RX'd and I climbed the GD rope 6 times. Two were back to back because I missed the one after the first GHD. Not to shabby. Time in was 24:53 I think. I can't remember now! Dangit! :P Oh well. I got it in under 25:00 and that's good enough for me.


Angela Childress said...

Way to go girle! No wonder you were so sore! :)

Katie said...

Thanks Angela! I'm sore from that and Christmasing the house!