Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm going to beat the stuffing out of you!!!

So, since I didn't go home for Thanksgiving this year, I had a relatively calm day. I forget that living in a city, the world doesn't close down for holidays the way it does in Pa. Soooo... that means... STARBUCKS was open! I know as a CF'er I'm supposed to be "healthy" and not talk about the "bad" things I eat, but seriously. I love coffee. Mmmmmmm... so deeeeee-licious. So anyway, I got my coffee, and realized Right Aid was open, so I also got my command hook, my missing extension cord, and my ornament hooks. So operation "Christmas" was on! After approximately 7 hours, 1 cup of coffee, and approximately a half gallon of warm spiced apple cider, we were the first house on the block with a Christmas tree. Game on! Take that suckas! Now, needless to say, I ate no turkey, no pie, no stuffing, no mashed potatoes, and no crankberries or gravy.

I came out ahead in the Thanksgiving game. However, that did not stop Jerry from trying to beat the stuffing out of us on Saturday. Holy bananas. It was so cold and windy, and I was soooooo furious with him for putting a run in the Wod. I love Jerry to death, but I think if I could have beaten the man for the run, I might have. The wod was this.

10 clean and jerks (105)
20 pull-ups
30 jumping lunges
800 M run

Why the 800 M run?!?!? I mean seriously. That's awful. The 800 is a miserable miserable thing. Miserable I tell you!!!! My only consolation is that everyone else was suffering just as much as I was. I was furious though because inside the box, I was totally rocking out everything. I was catching people on the clean and jerks and pull-ups. Even the lunges weren't so god awful bad. But then on the run, people were flying past me like I was moving still. It was completely demoralizing. I HATE running. I actually like PUSH-UPS now more than I like running. THAT'S TERRIBLE! Who likes push-ups more than running? Well I guess now that'd be me! :P Great. Just great. F'ing running. F'ing kangaroos.....

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