Friday, December 11, 2009

Run? Howzabout something else?

So yesterday AM, I had a heck of a time getting out of bed. The transition from the late night shifts at work to the early AM wake-up for CF don't always work out quite so well. Sooooooo, I didn't go. I decided to go last night after a HORRIBLE day at work. I don't know if my blood pressure was still raging, but in all the INDOOR movements, I seriously felt like I was bustin' a gut to keep moving. I mean, I was pretty much bookin' it. But, unfortunately, my OUTDOOR stuff kept me from doing really well on this. And by OUTDOOR, I mean running. It was only a cash in cash out scenario, but GD. I think my indoor wod seriously took 8 minutes, and my outdoor 6. WTF mate? That's seriously terrible.

The WOD from yesterday looked like this:
400 m run
Box jumps
C2B pull-ups
400 m run

Total time: 14:27

To be honest, I was not locked out as actively for this WOD as I should have been. Weight was 75lbs, which for me, is relatively light. I say relatively because holding large quantities of weight overtop of your head while you squat with it is never easy. But 75 is pretty light when compared to say oh, the 1RM I did last week with 160. But since I wasn't locked out the way I should, I wasn't as stable as I should have been and I did a little bit of the OHS dance.... you know the one I mean. Where you have the bar over your head and it looks like what you're doing sort of resembles a fox trot? Yeah, that one. I did a few of those. Or maybe it's more like a samba, quick steps forward. :P Regardless, you know what I mean.

I have to say though, that I really was pushin' it and I was hurtin' on the inside stuff. I mean, I didn't drop the bar at all, despite being a little loose, and I was crankin' through the other stuff. I did C2B with the pull-ups mostly. There were a few where I was definitely right there but JUST missed the contact, so I still counted it because literally, it was RIGHT there. I was up and high enough just missed it on the follow through. Some may call me a cheater. I say... :P.

I'm just so angry about the running on this though. I mean, it's not like I don't try and I don't push myself, I mean, I gave myself side cramps last night, but for whatever reason, I am not zippy fast. I wish I was. I felt like poo for not finishing this faster. But, finishing slow is better than DNF, which is better than DNS which is really what I wanted to do yesterday after the situations I had with my administration. Soooooo just gotta keep gettin' to the box, and oh yeah, lay off the Christmas cookies. :P


Justa said...

You know, women have a definite advantage over men on C2B pullups, you know? Especially if they wear those miracle bra things!

Sometimes showing up is a victory by itself. You earned one yesterday, Katie!

Katie said...

Ummmmmm... Justa... I hate to be the one to tell you this, but that "advantage" as you say, deminishes greatly during a workout usually. We tend to "strap them down" during the wod's sot they don't get in the way. The only chicks who are wearing miracle bras to a wod are the same ones who are wearing the booty shorts to match! :P

Thanks for your encouragement today!

Anonymous said...
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