Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Double the wod, double the pain...

Now that the weather has turned a mite bit cooler these days, we are seeing fewer of those pesky wods that involve running. Jerry is however finding new and delightful ways to torture us by throwing rowing wods at us. Today though, a super painful row wod just wasn't enough. Jerry decided to double the wods (make that 2 on the day) which made this day doubly painful. I'm not sure what has happened, but it seems that the last week or so at the box has been wicked brutal.

Yesterday's wod's were the first two wods of the regional. For those of you not hip to the regional wods they are as follows.

Wod numero uno
2 K row

Wod numero dos
10 deadlifts
50 double unders

It's been a pretty hot minute since I last did a 2K row, so I was actually kind of curious to see how I would do with this. I'd only ever actually done a 2K row 2 or maybe 3 times, and I was interested to see how much I'd improved since those few attempts. One of our members is actually a rowing coach, and she gave some pointers in a rowing class over the summer. I found them very helpful and have been working on getting my stroke right. So, I went to the box, and what did I find? Jerry had already BUMPED my 2K row time from the top 5! Without even giving me a chance to defend myself! Yar! So I had to row out a PR just to get back ONTO the board. Yar! But that actually wound up ok as I dropped 10 seconds from my old PR and rowed an 8:06. That put me squarely in 5th place on the board, just a mere 1 second behind Melissa. I have to admit though that I'm not sure I can go much faster. I hit a hard cement wall around 1200M in, and the last 800 was sheer suck. I mean, think about the "sucko meter" I was talking about the other day. This one ranks probably at like an 8.5. It's wicked brutal.

WOD 2 though got my goat. I was so gassed from WOD 1 that I couldn't keep core tension and had to drop the rx'd weight. I was also so frustrated that I wasn't able to get my double unders going. It was a very frustrating second WOD. I'm stubborn enough that I will finish any WOD you tell me to do, but I was really really angry that I had to sub stuff out. REALLY. It turned me into a complete head case the second I couldn't do what I wanted to do. Yar! But, the good news is that I still got a row PR. Perspective. Keep it in perspective. :P

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