Thursday, December 31, 2009

Party time!

Today Jerry let us basically have free reign in the box. All benchmark wods and barbell movements were fair game today, sort of like a first Friday but with all the wods, and not just heroes and girls. I have to say, my first thought was that elusive 200lb jerk I'm after and so I headed off to the box to go for it this am. But, unfortunately, back was still sore, form was a bit off, and I just wasn't feeling super strong. So, after dropping 175 on my head, I decided to cool off for a bit. I went and got some coffee and came back to cheer on other friends headin' for PR land on this fun day.

The longer I sat though, the antsier I got. You cannot and I repeat CANNOT leave me unattended in a box full of bars and bumper plates. I get crazy ideas. So I decided that a good idea would be to go work on my snatches. So I started loading the bar, and the snatches actually felt pretty good. Back was still tight and I was feeling weak, but I was able to move the bar with speed and that's what counts. I was able to POUND 105, and I mean, that thing went up sweet as can be. But then came decision time. 110 was my current PR, but I wanted 115. Do 110 to feel good? Or go straight for the new PR?

My answer? New PR. I was bummed about not getting one on the jerks, so I was aiming for one with the snatches. My first attempt was overhead and not locked. As was my second. My third attempt was overhead, but I rushed out of the bottom position. I was a little wobbly but held on to get my 115. That felt good. It feels like my snatch form is finally starting to come around. I was pretty stoked. I tried 120, but I was getting smoked. I had it overhead 3 times but just couldn't lock it. Same thing that happened last time with 115. So, I have no doubt that I'll get there. Just gotta wait for things to click. But, regardless, it was a nice present to ring in the new year. :)

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