Tuesday, December 29, 2009

CrossFit Central PA style

Back in Julyish, an old family friend of mine friended me on FB. I got a message from her a few days later telling me she had done her first CF wod and LOVED it. I was super stoked then to hear that she was home from Bahrain and wanted to hit a workout or two while I was in town. Awesome!!! Working out with a buddy, in in my opinion, is waaaaaayyyy better than working out alone. So I thought it was awesome that while in Central PA there would be more than 1 CF'er! :) CF has found it's way into southern PA around the Harrisburg area, and into Philly and Pittsburgh, but not so much into the central part of the state yet. I have a feeling it may take a long time to get there. Cows don't really seem like good CF candidates and there are more of them than people in central PA.... :P

Anyhoo, Jen is a big time runner and metcon girl, and I was happy to let her thrash me after all the eating I did. I completely made up for NOT eating a Thanksgiving dinner this year by eating my face off over Christmas. Ok, I didn't really eat my face, that's still there, but you know what I mean. It was like four days of non-stop grazing. Cookies and snacks and meals and oh dear! Lots of coffee with Bailey's. Oh my. Yeah, so I am trying to get back in a groove. I think I seriously gained 5 pounds in 4 days. No, really. I had done such a good job of staying away from holiday sweets and cookies, and that 4 day stint at home just shot me in the foot totally. The good news is, I stayed away from soda pretty well. The bad news is that I ate my face off anyway. Oh well.

Back to the thrashing. So I felt like a giant slug the day after Christmas, but was hell bent and determined to get back to the wod's because god knows I really needed it. So Jen and I headed to a little globo gym they have built into one of our area hospitals and got with the wod. The gym suited us pretty well because there were boxes for jumping, and the trainer working that day was VERY excited to have us. He even told me that there were KB's behind the desk if we wanted them, wink wink. It felt for a minute like I was part of some uber secret society. Someone posted the other day a link all about how CF is a cult because it follows the definition of something that is a cult. Secret language etc etc etc. For a minute, it kind of felt that way. We were privy to the KB's but everyone else wasn't. It was kinda funny. One down side to this experience though, the boxes for the box jumps... metal. Oh yeah. Not kidding. If I missed, I knew it was going to hurt like hell.

But Jen put together a seriously kick ass wod that looked like this.

20 Box jumps
30 Push presses
40 Air squats
50 Abmats
800 M row

This was simply brutal. I couldn't drop the weight for the push presses so everything was controlled. My quads were STILL fried from the Jonesworthy wod on Wednesday, and I was just sluggish and fat. This wod kicked my patootie. I should have done this in until 30. As it stood, it took me 33:13. The row totally gassed me. I could barely breathe going into the box jumps. There was no place for resting here. All in all, it really sucked and kicked my ass, but it was one of those where you KNOW that's what you needed. So I was happy to get it done.


Justa said...

I'm so with you on the eating, Katie. It's very cool you had a partner to work with. Oh, and you didn't know about the cult of Crossfit cows? I guess you don't subscribe to Cult Monthly, huh?

Jenn / Bing said...

Where in Central PA? That's where I'm from as well and have had the sneaking thought that Harrisburg area needs a CF... though not sure of the market!! :)

Katie said...

Jenn, I can assure you, there are enough guys wandering around at a Gold's gym in Central PA that once the rips abs etc. started to roll in, they'd want to know what happened to those guys. As far as I know there is a box in York, and also one in Mechanisburg. Not the direct Harrisburg area, but close by. I've often thought that the Williamsport/Lewisburg area would be prime time for a CF box, especially with Gold's being one of the only options, and I'm sure it'd be easy to get some spare tires!!! ;) (Farmers, tires... get it?!?!?) :) Honestly, I say give it one more year, then that market will be good to go.

Charlie said...

I live in williamsport and I feel like I'm the only crossfiter here. I work out at my highschool and all the football players look at me like im a nut case when I do the WODs. If an affiliate were to move around here I would join in a heart beat!

Ben said...

I know that this blog was written a long time about, but Lewisburg, PA now has crossfit! You guys should check it out.


I haven't tried crossfit, but a couple of my buddy's go to this crossfit in lewisburg. enjoy!

Katie said...

Ben, then my prediction was correct. It was about a year. I posted that comment a year ago. My dad actually sent me the newspaper article about it since I've been cf'ING for so long. If you're not my question is why? Best decision I've ever made. Get with the kool aid.

Kelsey Rebert said...

CrossFit York has been in York since October of 2008. You're more than welcome to drop in whenever you'd like. There are now 3 in Lancaster, one in Hanover, Lemoyne, Harrisburg, Chambersburg, Calisle, and Lititz.