Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WOD of death

All CF'ers have workouts that they absolutely despise, but regardless, will do if they come up on a whiteboard. That said, we all also have a list of workouts that we will NEVER do again, regardless of whether or not it's on the whiteboard, or how much you pay us. Right now my list contains three such wods. One of them is Hansen. One of them is Jonesworthy, and the last one is the wod that Jerry made us do yesterday. It flat out blew in all the ways you can think of something blowing. It was interval, it was max reps, it was metcon, it was burpee metcon, it was thrusters, it was HEAVY thrusters. OI Vey. This wod made me seriously want to tap out. No I mean it. At about halfway through, I really wanted to quit.

To start the class, Jerry had us work on snatches again. We spent 10 minutes working the bar path and going through a progression of a muscle snatch, an OHS, a snatch balance, and a full snatch. My snatches are getting better, but I still have to watch because sometimes I get on my toes. I'm working on the turnover speed of my bar, and dropping without getting my feet up too high. Jerry described it as my donkey kick, and I suspect that for lighter weights this does not pose much of a problem, but especially as I get close to my true max, the donkey kick will continue to hamper me and prevent me from throwing anything heavier over my head.

After the 10 minutes on snatches, we went to the workout of the day. It was

Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes
5 burpees
Max thrusters

I'm sorry, but does this really even need an explanation of the "suck factor"? On the suck factor scale of 1-10, this is an 11. No seriously. There's no way to actually breathe in this wod. It just all sucks. Normally in a metcon wod there is a spot where you can sort of regain control of your breathing. I lost it after the first set, and it never returned! So, therefore this receives a suck factor of 11. The weight that I chose was 85 because that was the elite weight and when it comes time to pick weights for things, that's usually what I choose. This was a mistake. I did 4 reps the first round, 3 the second, 3 the third, then dropped to 2 until round 12, at which point, I was so gassed that I dropped to 1 until round 15 when I managed to eek out 2. I was so gassed this whole time that I couldn't keep the bar on my shoulders and I was having to use a lot of extra energy just to get the bar up because it was so far down on my chest. Seriously, this blew very much badly. Other girls were busting out a total of like 60-70 reps. Not me. I got 31. Wow. Total and utter suckage!

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I love the ones I hate!